April 7, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny and then very windy. Bit of rain at night.

A good day. I got up early for me, and watched the news. It was quite sad today, mostly about a mine explosion in the US where many miners were killed.

During the day I prepped my friend's present for sending. I didn't wrap a lot of it in conventional paper, I used some of the presents to wrap other bits of it. Sounds mysterious doesn't it? I also wrote a holiday letter for my students. This month brings Golden Week and I want to let my students know that my school will be closed at the end of the month.

I watched my Tuesday night shows during the day too. I liked Project Runway, although there really isn't a stand-out designer in this series. There isn't a "designer you love to hate" either. Usually there's one or two designers that are very controversial and this year there isn't. At least not yet! Criminal Minds was quite good too. It had a lot of famous people on as guests too. Michael Biehn, Cybil Shepard and Randolph Mantooth were on, looking much, much older than they used to do.

I went off to work a little early and didn't stop anywhere. I'd worn a non-windproof jacket and it was a little cold. At the school I checked my set up and then read the newspaper. I hadn't seen my first student for a couple of weeks and I had been nervous to see if he'd forgotten everything, but he really hadn't. He did well on his spelling test, and even did okay with listening and reading. Yay.

My second student was a little late, but we had a good class. Today's topic was food in the world. I tried to get her speaking and she did a bit. Hurray.

I called F to pick me up after 9 and he did. When he arrived at the school he said we had to go home as he'd forgotten his wallet and couldn't pay for dinner. I offered to lend him the money, so that's what we did. We had dinner at New York, New York and it was okay. I had chicken and salad, F had udon and chicken.

We came home and F went out to get gas and kerosene. I stayed home and prepped the apartment's garbage for him to take out in the morning. He came home and we watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was good. I think I agree with the people that had to leave, but I'm just not sure. Afterwards we watched Ooops which was really funny in parts. I laughed out loud at one part and F tried to shush me. I told him that when something is funny I laugh at it. If he doesn't like it, I'll leave. A little bit of an over-reaction perhaps, but I'm not going to titter behind my hand like many Japanese ladies. (It's also not the first time he's tried to quiet me.)

Anyway, that was my day. It was quite good basically. Tomorrow I hope to get to the post office to mail my friend's present and maybe do a bit of laundry. I also have to go to the school in the late afternoon and throw in a couple of classes. Night.

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