April 8, 2010

Thursday - Clear and windy. Cold.

I went to bed very late last night and I'm afraid I woke up my hubby when I went into the bedroom. I felt bad about that. This morning I did want to stay in bed, but I didn't. I got up, made coffee and watched the news.

During the day I did a couple of loads of laundry and also watched a movie that I'd taped last night. I taped a Colin Firth movie. Yum. Okay, technically it was a Helen Hunt film, but I'm not a big fan of hers, so I'll call it a Colin Firth movie. He was in it as one of the love interests. It was okay, but the subject matter...sigh. A 39 and a half year old woman decides she wants to have a baby just as her husband leaves her and her adoptive mother dies. Her birth mother (Bette Midler) shows up to complicate matters further. Helen Hunt looked gaunt and unhealthy in this. Colin Firth was so yummy in this film. I'd have taken him home and just snuggled with him. Too bad he's married. Oh darn, so am I! It was called Then She Found Me if anyone's looking for it.

I went off to work and made a stop at the drugstore on the way. I bought a few things and got to the school. I took a bit of time to get ready as I was early.

Classes went well today. We finished a textbook in the children's course and so I gave them a test afterwards. I still have to correct it as I didn't have time today. My second class's student brought me a cabbage today! She'd got some from a friend and had too many. We had some good discussions today too.

After work, I finished up as soon as I could. I ended up making myself a long list of things to do on Saturday in my free time. F called because he was worried about me, but I think he really didn't remember that today is my late day.

When he picked me up, we went to Gusto for dinner. We haven't gone there in the evening for ages. He had a Japanese meal and I had a hamburger and fries. The hamburger was pretty good. It wasn't the best burger ever, but for the restaurant and the price, not bad at all. I was rather impressed.

We came home and watched the last part of ER and then a half Japanese/half English show Cool Japan. It can be funny, but they don't have enough in English and the Japanese come off as being too proud of Japan's weird things in my opinon. But hey, I just live here.

Anyway, that's it for me. I'll try and catch you tomorrow night. Gotta get more sleep tonight if I can...Night.

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