April 9, 2010

Friday - Sunny and warmish. Lovely day.

Today started well, but I have no idea how it's going to end.

I was awoken before 9 this morning by someone ringing my doorbell. It turns out that it was the NTT person trying to collect the old phone book. But, I didn't answer the door so I really had no idea who it was. Honestly, before 9 am? Gah.

I had a quiet day around the apartment. I didn't watch anything except the news. I think I prefered it that way. There weren't any TV programs on at all that I wanted to watch. I did manage to finish my book of short stories, The Guy Not Taken. Jennifer Weiner's book. I'm pretty sure that I read it a few years ago, but I couldn't quite remember.

I went out in the afternoon. I had to mail off a couple of parcels. One to my friend in Canada I sent by EMS and one to a friend in Japan. It took a bit of time in the post office, but they weren't that busy.

Then I biked off to see if I could get my hair cut. I was lucky and I was able to have it done today. I have really short hair again, which will be nice for summer.

I went to the mall for a bit of a snoop. I bought a few things in the hundred yen shop and then went and had tea and a sandwich in Doutors. I was so hungry! I came home after I left the restaurant.

When I got home I was surprised to see that F was home already. Usually he phones me when he's off work, but he didn't tonight. We sat and talked for a bit and then went out for dinner. We had tonkatsu.

After dinner we sent off another parcel at a convenience store for a friend. It was full of books. Lovely books. We made a quick pass by my school to set the heater and then the grocery store to get milk. After that, home.

We watched this week's episode of Desperate Housewives and then F watched a bunch of bad tv, including baseball and boxing. He claimed to be looking for some place to go during Golden Week but wasn't having any luck. He was getting a bit irate, I was a bit annoyed that he was annoyed and so on. Not a great scenario.

Anyway, I think I had better try to make peace. It just might make things worse though, so wish me luck. Night...


Anonymous said...

I love the Bagels sands at Doutors!!! I'm waiting for the other episode of DHW, I'm watching season 6 on apple TV.

Helen said...

I didn't have a bagel sandwich, but I'll check them out next time I'm there!

Desperate Housewives is one of those shows that DH likes a little more than me. We both get a good kick out of it though.

Thanks for visiting :-)