Books 2010 - March Update

Here's the continuation of my list of books I've read this year. I finished 4 novels in March. Yay me.

5) Wicked - Gregory Maguire (March 31, 2010)
The supposed backstory to The Wizard of Oz is boring, meandering and a complete waste of time. It takes characters from the novel and takes out all of the fun from the original series and replaces it with yawn inducing tedium. There wasn't one likable character in this novel. There's a sequel to this book, but I won't be bothering. I'm not sure why I finished this book in fact.

4) The Private Patient - P.D. James (March 15, 2010)
P.D. James latest installment of the Adam Dalgliesh series is compelling reading. A reporter books into a private clinic to have plastic surgery but is murdered. Dalgliesh's Special Force is called in to find the murderer. This is quite a straightforward mystery. There isn't much intrigue between Adam and his superiors nor his subordinates as usual and there isn't as much darkness in the novel. It was an enjoyable and fairly fast read. Fans will like it, and it may make a few new fans along the way. Good stuff.

3) Uncertain Voyage - Dorothy Gilman (March 6, 2010)*
An American divorcee on holiday is asked to deliver a book by a man who is killed soon afterwards. She agrees, but faces obstacles on her way. Most of the obstacles are from her recent breakdown, but there are real evil people trying to stop her too. A very quick read. Not quite as enjoyable as Caravan, but worthy of a read.

2) Caravan - Dorothy Gilman (March 5, 2010)*?
A young American woman goes from being a carny to being a wife of a rich man in Africa. Along the way, she is widowed and then held captive by two different tribes. Her life is amazing and wonderful too. It's very easy to read and even though it seems a little too much after reading the book, is wholly engrossing at the time. A great book to have for holidays or fun times.

Of all of these, I think I enjoyed Caravan the most for its joie de vivre and readability, but The Private Patient was probably the best novel this month.


medea said...

I'm putting the Dorothy Gilman books on my amazon wishlist. It's been a while since I read a Mrs. Pollifax book but always loved them. Thanks for the reminder.

Helen said...

You're welcome! Ironically, I got them for free from an AFWJ member... and I just sent them to another friend today for her to read. (There's actually one Mrs Pollifax book...will be in April's update).

If you remind me, I could send them to you when she's done with them. Not sure how long that will be though. (I'd want them back after though ;-) )