April 2010 Movies

I saw three films at the theatre in April. A brief review follows. Did you see these? And if so, what did you think?

10) Clash of the Titans - Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson (April 24, 2010)
I only was able to see the original Clash of the Titans on TV. It was hokey but fun. It didn't take itself too seriously. This remake is also a lot of fun, but I think it takes itself a little too seriously. No matter. It's a popcorn film, if you are drawn to the actors or the story it is worth seeing, if not, it isn't. I had a lot of fun in the final 15 minutes of the film trying to name the films that I'd seen the scenes in before. Avatar (well, put Sam Worthington on a flying horse and what do you expect?), Narnia, etc. It wasn't until my husband whispered, "Quidditch" to me that I laughed out loud. It cracked me up that he was doing the same thing I was! And, he was right.

It's fun, fast and doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but worth seeing if this is the kind of film you enjoy. If not, keep away!

9) Shutter Island - Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams (April 10, 2010)
A very stylish film from Martin Martin Scorsese, tells the tale of two US marshalls looking into the case of a missing inmate in a mental institution/prison. DiCaprio plays a WWII vet who helped liberate Dachau. He is haunted by the memories of the Concentration Camp and by the ghost of his wife.

A few hours after seeing this film I am still thinking about it and what everything meant. I enjoyed it and it certainly wasn't as violent or scary as I thought it would be. That's a good thing! Fans will probably like it. Worth checking out at the theater.

8) The Hurt Locker - Jeremy Renner, Ralph Fiennes, Anthony Mackie (April 5, 2010)
The Academy Award winner for best picture and director this year tells the story of a bomb disposal unit in Iraq. It follows them as they try to defuse bombs and survive in a war zone.

I thought this was a good movie, but in all honesty I am not sure that it really was the best picture of last year. It was exciting and yet boring too, rather like war itself, I imagine. Worth watching however.

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