May 1, 2010

Saturday - Sunny and gorgeous.

A mostly good day! I got up at a decent time this morning, took my shower and then served breakfast at home. We had a piece of leftover quiche each and then an English muffin each. Yum. We decided not to go out for breakfast after all, but to have an early lunch instead.

We got on the road to Akita before 11, which is when we planned to leave, so that was a good thing. We made great time, and stopped in Nikaho for lunch. F found a nice little restaurant in his travel book and we had a nice lunch. After that we hit the road again and went to a roadside stop to walk around a little. We saw the beach and took a few photos. After that, we drove on.

We spent some time in Yurihonjo City, first visiting an old style town then a castle replica. The Old Style Town was quite nice. I've seen similar things in Tsuruoka, but not as well kept or as nice. We spent a lot of time roaming around and even climbed to the top of the replica castle. My feet were so sore!

We drove to the museum that was nearby. We only had an hour but there wasn't too much to see anyway. They did have a rather interesting room full of letters from famous westerners. They had letters from Einstein, Michael Farraday, and even a signed acknowledgment for a donation to Scott's ill-fated South Pole excursion. I was impressed to see that.

We stopped at a Highway stop and had a soft ice cream cone. We chose the mixed one with plum and vanilla, and it was very nice. One of the nicest blends I've had in a while.

We drove on to Akita. We found our hotel quite easily, but the parking was full. F parked in the station's lot for a few minutes and we checked in. I took my stuff up to the room and waited for him to find real parking. He was gone a long time!

He finally came back and after a little rest time, we went out for dinner. My foot was extremely sore by this time. I'd done way too much walking for it. Everytime I start walking after a rest I can barely stand on it. It warms up after a bit, but is not a good thing. Sigh.

The first place we tried had a waiting time of at least 30 minutes, the second was full, so we went to an izakaya and had dinner there. It was okay, but not great. After dinner we headed over to the station to the Starbucks so that I could get my Assam Black Tea Latte. I even bought my hubby his favourite drink. When we finished, we hit up a convenience store to get a few munchies and then came back to the hotel.

I'm now watching The DaVinci Code and will hopefully watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles in a few minutes. I'm quite tired though. I'll likely have an early night tonight and give my foot a bit of time to heal.

Tomorrow he's planning to take me off somewhere. Actually, he told me where and it sounds interesting, but I think I'll wait and talk about it tomorrow.

Gotta go...bye!

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