May 11, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny and then rainy.

Today was an okay day. I got up for a bit just after F left for work, but then went back to bed for a while. When I got up I watched news, showered and did laundry.

Before I went to work today it started to rain. Oh yay. I was so happy. When I was ready, I set off for work. I stopped in at the craft shop for a couple of minutes to get some tea-tree oil and then hit the drugstore close to my school. Amongst other things I got some Bufferin. For most of the afternoon I had a wicked headache and I'm just about out of my usual pain medicines at home. When I finished in the drugstore, it had stopped raining for a bit, so I put my raincape into my shopping bag and headed off.

At school I changed and otherwise got ready for my day. I read a bit of the newspaper, thought up an opening to my class and generally got into the teacher train of thought.

My student and I had a good class and I was sad to see her go at the end. I did up my paperwork and prepped for Thursday's class.

F called me just before 9 and said thanks. Earlier in the day I had noticed that a singer he liked a lot when he was younger was going to be interviewed on a talk show, so I taped it for him. I left him a note on the TV saying to rewind the tape and watch. I think he was surprised that I did something like that.

We went to have dinner at Fireball tonight. It's an Italian restaurant that looks a little like a diner inside. The tables and chairs are functional, not really fashionable, but the prices aren't bad and the pasta is usually really good. Tonight we had the pork bara and eggplant with vegetables in a tomato cream sauce and clams with dried tomatoes in a vegetable broth type sauce. The tomato cream sauce was really good.

We came home and had a quiet evening together. We watched So You Think You Can Dance again...which is now in a repeat. I'm not sure that I'll keep watching it, although some of the dancing is very good!

And that was my day. It was okay, except for the massive headache. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I'd like to go out if I can, but I saw the forecast for weather is worse than today. Oh dear. Night!

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