May 12, 2010

Wednesday - Rainy.

Not a great day to be honest. I stayed home all day because of the weather. I did have some enjoyable time in the AM. I watched Little Shop of Horrors for the first time in years, also Criminal Minds. I had a light lunch early on and then set to work.

Today I did a little in the kitchen. I tackled our sink. F leaves it in a horrible state. He keeps pouring noodle bits and veggie scraps down the sink. That may have been what his family did, it certainly wasn't what my family does. Anyway, I cleaned the sink thoroughly, the basin, and the drying rack. While I had the drying rack out of the way, I washed underneath it and threw out a bunch of jars that had been accumulating. After I washed the dishes I even cut up the milk cartons for recycling.

I cleaned the table for dinner and set up the coffee as well. Yay me.

I was watching Ghost Town when F came home. He was in a bit of a mood because he was tired. He changed and did make one of the dishes for us, but basically was a grumpy PITA. We had bulgogi and I told him that I didn't want to turn the grill up too high as it had a coating on it and would burn. He turned it up. Then, 2/3's of the way through he decided to clean the grill by pouring water on it and then dropping kleenex in it and swishing it around. Weird. Anyway, dinner was okay, but I can tell it's going to be a while before I suggest eating at home again.

I did the dishes while someone went to bed and pretended to sleep but really played with his cellphone. I'm not upset about that, I know he was tired and all, but he didn't even say anything before he vamoosed. After his bath he came back and turned on the TV. When he saw that I was taping something he demanded to know what and why I was taping then. The VCR is programmed to tape from 11pm to 12 pm every Wednesday night so that we don't miss Desperate Housewives. We watched it, or rather, I watched it and he made a lot of noise making himself more food in the kitchen. I wasn't impressed. He was really obnoxious about it, I actually think he was trying to make noise. He ate, drank his "fake" beer and went to bed. Instead of wishing him goodnight, I said, "Good Riddance!" to him. Not nice, but oh how I meant it.

Anyway, tomorrow I have one class in the evening. I'll have to leave home before 4 so I hope that the weather improves. That and hubby's mood. Wish me luck then. Night.


Orchid64 said...

I never understand that business of putting scraps in the sink unless you plan on cleaning them up *immediately* after you are finished (I do this with potato peels because I let the dirty peels fall into the sink then fish them out). I clean the drain trap every night as the last cleaning action just to get whatever little scraps slip through out of there. The whole sink trap thing in Japan is so disgusting. They really should have a better design!

It's too bad your kitchen isn't separated by doors. Ours has a sliding door that I close when I'm noisy in the kitchen (grinding coffee, using the immersion blender) to spare my husband the noise (at least to some extent).

Helen said...

I know! I think the scrap thing is gross too. Of course, it's rather convenient for him...he never cleans it out. That's my job. (It isn't actually, it's just I'm the only one that ever does it.)

A door between the living room and kitchen would be nice, but since there's an island in the middle wouldn't keep all the noise out anyway! It's one of those open designs! Usually I like it, but not when someone is being obstreperous.

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