May 13, 2010

Thursday - Rainy and then clearing.

An okay day. I was a bit grumpy this morning, that continued most of the day. I have a tendency to keep being mad at my hubby for a bit too long. This morning was a little strange, I didn't hear him leave at all. Usually I wake up just after he left or before he leaves so I can say goodbye.

I slept in today, mostly on purpose. An earlier foray into the living room told me that baseball was on TV and I wasn't too interested in staying up.

I had a quiet morning at home. I watched a little TV, but not much, then made my brunch and ate it. I left for work. When I did, it wasn't raining, although it did start a little along the way. It wasn't much though. At one point I almost made a new friend! I go on backroads for most of my ride and I stopped at a crossing and a kitten from a nearby house came over to say hello. Oh dear. There was a car coming up behind me, and at least one going to cross the road in front of me. I spoke quite firmly to the cat and told it to go home. It did. Whew. Why on Earth do people let young animals out like that? They have no fences on their house.

I only had one class today at school as the other two had asked for make-ups. Our class went well, although the spelling test didn't. I think I'll do a bit of phonic review with him. He's having problems with some of his sounds.

After our class I did paperwork and then I read the newspaper and then my magazine. Hurray! I finally finished one. I started another one and then it was getting quite late. F sent me a message after 8 and he came to pick me up a bit later.

We tried to go to a soba restaurant tonight, but it was closing in a couple of minutes. Oh darn! I suggested going somewhere else, the Thai restaurant that isn't too far away. F wasn't too sure, but he said okay. We went and we were the only customers. Oh dear. Still, we had a good meal. F had Thai ramen and I had stir fried veggies and seaweed noodles with shrimp. Yum. F even let me have a little of his ramen and it was nice. (Silly person had put spicy pepper in it and gobbled up a bunch before he asked if I'd like to try it.) We did very well with our 3 dishes I thought. F didn't even seem to mind his ramen, and he's really picky.

We bought groceries and then came home and watched the ER repeat. It was a good one as usual.

We had some coffee and relaxed. That was nice. I think we're fine again. Last night was tense, but today was okay. Yay.

That's it for me. Night!

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