May 15, 2010

Saturday - A little cloudy, but mostly sunny.

A good day. I got up this morning, watched a bit of the news, took a shower and spent a few minutes on my computer. When F came back from the doctor's office I fed him a toasted bagel while he sent a student's mother an e-mail in Japanese. Yay him.

We had a nice breakfast at Gusto. An ex-student of mine came into the restaurant with her family, we waved, but didn't talk. F dropped me off at school and also dropped off one of our chairs. I spent a few minutes cleaning it up and then getting ready for class.

My student and I had a nice class. She's a lot of fun to teach. After she left, I was setting up to do my paperwork when my phone rang. It was my other student. She told me she had an appointment at the same time as her class and would have to cancel her class. I asked if she'd rather come sooner and she was surprised but accepted. So, my 4:00 pm class was now my 2:30 pm class. My second student came and we had a good class. She did have to leave a little early, but she was happy not to lose the class.

After my student left I did a lot of things that I needed to do. I prepped a bit for next week, did dishes and then called F and asked him to come and get me.

We went to the mall area and first went to a hundred yen shop, then over to the mall proper. We had dinner at a yakiniku shop, but it wasn't that great. I just had soup and 2 kinds of meat, F had noodles and one kind of meat. After that, we went up to the theater.

We went to see Green Zone tonight. I liked what they tried to do with the film, although I'm not completely sure they were successful. The movie moved so fast and didn't stop long enough for us to get a feel for most of the characters. Also, halfway through the movie, I somehow dropped my drink and ended up sitting there with tea all over the floor and nothing to drink. Sigh.

After the movie, we came home and just spent a quiet time here at home. I watched House and then Top Gear. F thinks I'm crazy because I don't really like cars that much, but I stay up late to watch a British show about cars. Thing is, it's really funny! And Britain has more than one car colour :)

That's about all for today I think. I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow. F said he'll go over to his mother's in the morning but we'll see if he really follows through on that. Call me cynical, but he usually gets stuck on the couch watching Rocky or something.

Talk to you tomorrow and I'll tell you all about my day. Gotta go. Night.

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