May 19, 2010

Wednesday - Rainy.

A good day. I stayed up a bit late last night and couldn't get up this morning. However, once I was up I stayed up, so that was good. Watched the tail end of Death in Venice with Dirk Bogarde. He was one of my mother's favourite actors. It was an odd movie and I'm happy that I didn't get up just to watch it.

I did a few little things around the apartment today. I did a bit of sweeping and even went into the lobby of the apartment and swept it too. Yay me.

I watched some Corner Gas this afternoon. I only have one more episode to watch and then it's over. Oh no! I love that show. I was testing our region free DVD player and it did quite well. I'm now wondering what to do about getting a new one. Maybe I'll wait on it.

In the late afternoon I watched a neat little movie set in Edinburgh. It was called Death Defying Acts and it was about Houdini and a medium/con-woman and her daughter in Edinburgh. The cast was great! Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Timothy Spall and Saoirse Ronan. The story got a bit confusing, but was quite cool. Of course, when I checked on the accuracy afterwards it was lacking, but within the movie's world it worked fine.

When F called to tell me he was coming home I started to get dinner underway. I put a couple of pans of water on to boil and set the table and set up the coffee pot. Tonight I made pork saute with gnocci in salmon cream sauce plus salad. It was quite nice. I think F was impressed, except he was still hungry afterwards, so he cooked us a couple of hash brown patties. Then he made himself some udon, which he had with the leftover sauce. He did the dishes as well, which was really nice of him.

We went out for a little while after dinner. F wanted dessert. Okay, me too! We went to McDonalds and had McFlurries and a drink each. It was nice to be out together, even at McDonalds.

We came home and F turned on the TV and started watching the Clint Eastwood movie Letters from Iwo Jima. Now I'm sure that it is really a great film, but the point that we came in had someone kill himself and the film didn't have any English subtitles, so I really didn't want to watch it. I put my headphones on and watched a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I felt a smidge guilty, especially when I couldn't help laughing out loud. However, I wasn't planning for a depressing war movie today.

F went to bed a bit later and I watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was okay. After it finished, Backstage Pass came on. I was really surprised to see in the promos that Adam Lambert was going to be on. I kept watching and sure enough, there he was. I'm always very impressed when I hear him talking to people in interviews. He just sounds so nice. I wonder if he'll still be the same in a few years.

And that's about it for me. I might even try and get to bed early tonight as I have a busy evening tomorrow. Gotta go. Night!

OH Hey...don't go yet! I have about 29 posts to make before I reach 1000 on Blogger. Anyone have any idea or suggestions what I should do to celebrate the momentous occasion? Love to hear any suggestions! (Should be about a month from now, fingers crossed.)

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