May 21, 2010

Friday - Sunny and warm.

A good day. I got up at a reasonable time this morning, and even stayed up. There wasn't any news on but I read the paper and did some internet stuff.

After I got dressed and made the bed I spent some time on my computer. In the afternoon I watched a bit of TV, including Harper's Island and CSI: Miami. That one is so ridiculous, but I like a couple of the characters. I had planned to go out, but I never quite got around to it.

Finally I decided to do something productive. I got out a couple of my drawers for non-seasonal clothes and went through them. I culled quite a bit. Some of it was sad, but on the other hand, I haven't worn some of the stuff at all. I had the odd thing in there with the tags still on. Sigh. Anyway, I filled a garbage bag and then put some of my current clothes in the drawers to get them out of my way. I set aside a sweatshirt to see if F would like it (it was a man's one), and 3 t-shirts as well. Those were mostly for rags for his car.

F came home a bit before 7 and I asked him about the sweatshirt. He said he'd wear it (hopefully not for a while as it's quite heavy) and then started trying on the t-shirts. The first one he tried on he declared that he liked it, but I laughed at him. It was a woman's shirt, one that I bought here in Japan. I told him it was for rags. Then, he said he'd give it to his sister. WHAT? I don't think so boyo! The shirt I wanted to use as a cleaning cloth to be given to his sister? His family hates me enough, I don't want to make it worse! The other ones I think he's going to keep. He wore one of them out tonight! It was a t-shirt from Guam and was tight when I got it, so I didn't even try it on again.

We decided to go out for dinner and went to Aki, the okonmiyaki place. It was tough finding a parking space, but we finally did. We went in. It was a little busy, but we managed to get a real table and sat down. The table beside ours was taken up by two men and they appeared to be having their own little party. F and I ordered and started chatting. The guys at the other table noticed that we were talking in English and I was a foreigner. One of the guys tried hard to catch my eye, but I studiously avoided it, and he tried to get F's attention but he ignored him and waved him off. I didn't enjoy it much, but in a way it was a good thing to happen. F knows that I sometimes have things like this happen (and how much I hate it) but I think he doesn't really get it. Tonight, he got it.

Our okonomiyaki was great and we were enjoying our meal. One of the other men left and then the solitary man really tried to get out attention. He said something to F and F told him that it was our private time and to leave us alone! Yay him! The master of the shop came over to the guy's table too and distracted him so we were able to finish up in a bit of peace, although F said he was saying some not very nice things (which dear hubby wouldn't translate for me.)

We left and as we were paying up, the master was extremely apologetic to us. We're pretty good customers there and I don't think he wants to lose us.

Hubby and I went over to the grocery store and got a few things for him and then we went home. At home, we watched Desperate Housewives from a couple of nights ago. It was rather funny. There was a sex-tape floating around and the search for the mystery behind Edie's husband continued.

F went to bed early tonight as he has to drive to Fukushima in the morning. He has to see his surgeon from last year. It's the one year check up. His appointment is at 11 so he'll have to leave here around 7 am. I hope I can wake up enough to say goodbye. I'll have to get myself to work tomorrow. Not a problem unless it is raining.

So, that's it for me. I'll catch you tomorrow night, most likely. Night!

Oh, I'm still looking for ideas on how to celebrate my 1000th Blogspot post. Any suggestions?


Orchid64 said...

One of the reasons that I think I liked Japan more when I first got here is that I couldn't understand the rude things people were saying about me. Now that I do, it's just really ugly sometimes. Ignorance truly is bliss!

I'm really sorry you had such an experience, and can relate only too well.

I am a little surprised that someone did that while you were with your husband. Usually being with a Japanese person provides you with a "shield" against the gossipy, sometimes personal comments from other Japanese. Even for me, it happens much more when I'm alone (and therefore vulnerable in the eyes of the Japanese) than when I'm with my husband (even though he's a foreigner).

Helen said...

To be honest, I'm not sure the guy really knew that F was Japanese! We were talking in English and F had his back to the man. He might have thought we were both foreigners! F's English is pretty good these days so it's possible. The guy was drinking a lot.

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