May 25, 2010

Tuesday - Cloudy, with rain later on.

A good day. I got up, watched the news and took a shower early on. Yay me. I did my computer stuff and watched a bit of TV. Last night I had taped Purple Rain, so I watched His Royal Purpleness and just enjoyed myself. There were a few thing I didn't like about the movie...but overall, I thought it was worth re-watching after all these years..

After a while I decided to go out. I biked off to the mall and had lunch. I took my book and read quite a bit over lunch. After lunch, I hit up the hundred yen shop. I wanted some of those blotting papers to soak up the oil on my face. In summer I'm forever having to clean my glasses and I hope to slow it down a bit.

When I had bought my stuff in Daiso, I browsed the DVD store but didn't buy anything. I did note that Gran Torino is out for about 1500yen which seems really cheap. F may be getting that for an anniversary present, you never know! (Shh! Don't tell him.)

I had a glass of iced tea at Doutors and read more of my book. I'm quite enjoying it. The one beef that I have with it is the author, Christopher Paolini keeps using "dove" as the past tense of dive. I realize that English is going to Hell in a handbasket, but when I learned to write, dived was correct. I'm trying not to let it spoil my enjoyment of the novel. May not succeed! It depends how many times the dragon dives in the rest of the novel.

I came home and once again have to marvel at the stupidity of teenagers here. If a sidewalk is narrow enough that I walk down it perhaps you shouldn't try to ride your bike past me.

F came home less than an hour later and we had a bit of a cuddle before he took himself off for a nap. Around 8 I started working on the veggies for dinner. I cut up some asparagus, onions, eggplant, mushrooms and enoki for our yakiniku. F came out of the bedroom when I called him and we ate. I was stuffed afterwards. Dinner was great though. I enjoyed the veggie selection that we used. The asparagus was mostly nice, I got a couple of woody bits, but apart from that, yum. The plain old mushrooms were super. I didn't miss having any cabbage or the more traditional veggies for yakiniku. F did the dishes, bless him. There weren't that many anyway.

At 11 we rewatched (in my case) the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. F had missed some of it before so he enjoyed it a lot this time.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow I'm thinking that if the weather is decent I might take the bus out to the big mall and go and see a movie or something. The movies are all ¥1000 tomorrow as it's Ladies Day at the theater. Not sure. I may have overdone it on my foot today and as I'd have to walk to S-Mall to get to the bus stop it depends how I feel tomorrow. Still, I haven't gone shopping by myself in months and I'd really like to go.

Catch me tomorrow night and find out! Night.

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