May 28, 2010

Friday - Rainy.

I had an okay day. I got up early and then wanted to go back to bed, but somehow never did. That's probably a good thing! There wasn't any news of course - baseball. I wrapped up a book that had been mooched yesterday so that I could mail it off.

After a bit of computer time I went out to the post office and mailed the book. The post office lady thought I was mailing it to Canada, but really I said Kanagawa! We had a little chuckle about that.

I went to a convenience store afterwards and picked up a few things for my lunch. I came home and then ate and watched Grey's Anatomy. Yes it was an old one, and yes it was silly, but I liked it anyway. Orange CSI followed and I watched it too.

At 4 pm I set the VCR to tape a movie and then went into the entrance of our apartment building and did the sweeping. I went up to the second floor and started there. I did quite a thorough job and was surprised how much dirt there was. I did it either last week or the week before. Hopefully our time will be up on Tuesday.

F came home around 6 and we decided to go out for coffee. Our first choice didn't have any parking, so we went to S-Mall and had Royal Milk Tea and cheese toast. We had a look around the grocery store and then came home.

I made dinner tonight and it was good. It was in two parts but I can't claim credit for the first part. Yesterday my student gave me some of her homemade gumbo, so I heated it up tonight. It was so good! F really liked it and I think he wants me to get the recipe! After we ate the soup, I cooked the stirfry. Tonight I did a beef and veggie stirfry and it was very good too. Yay! There's a little bit leftover which might make a nice omelette filling.

F did the dishes and we settled in for a nice evening together. We watched Ramen Girl, the movie I had taped earlier. We watched it before dinner and then after too. It was okay. I didn't understand a lot of it which helped me understand how the lead character felt. I didn't think it was great movie though. After the movie, we watched Wednesday's Desperate Housewives. That was fun of course.

The rest of the evening passed quickly but for some reason F found Lost on TV so I commandeered the TV and watched the episode. It was an old one, but I'm not fussy. I haven't seen that much of Lost so it didn't matter to me.

Anyhoo, things are winding down. F went to bed a few minutes ago, I should follow soon. Tomorrow I have two classes and a dental appointment at a new place. I hope it goes well. I might not update tomorrow if I'm out really late. There's a chance we might be! Night.

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