May 30, 2010

Sunday - Warm and sunny - Finally!

A nice day. I set my alarm for 11 but didn't get out of bed for a while after that. I did notice that F was watching Airplane! when I woke up and that helped wake me up. We watched the movie and then went out for brunch. We went somewhere different for us, Pizza Hut. We had a crispy crust, half and half pizza and it was good. We had half shrimp and crab and half Sicilian which was basically meat sauce and eggplant. It was F's suggestion and I was surprised because he normally doesn't think of pizza.

We did a bit of errand running and shopping in the afternoon. We went to Yamaya for some decaff and ended up with a few other things, renewed my membership at the craft store, and went to the hardware store to get more dog food for Gombei, F's dog (that lives with his mum).

After that, we drove out to the beach, taking a big detour through the port that we go fishing at. Finally we stopped and went for a walk on the beach. That was really nice. It was about 5 pm and still sunny. The tide was coming in, and we didn't go in the water, although I wished we could have.

We drove home from the beach and came into our apartment for a while. I went and had a half nap on my bed. I woke up this morning with a cold and I really hadn't planned to go traipsing all over Tsuruoka today. After a while we decided to go out for dinner. We just went to Kintaro sushi tonight, nothing too fancy. It was good though. When we finished, F dropped me off at home and he delivered the dog food to his mother's house.

He came back and we watched the old Arnie movie Red Bull. If I remember correctly, it was Red Heat in Canada. It was dumb, but okay. That was about it for our evening. We spent a little time together, F took his bath, and has now gone to bed. He's back at work tomorrow. I hope to be able to get over this stupid stuffed up nose tomorrow. Wish me luck with that! Night.

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