May 5, 2010

Wednesday - Sunny and hot.

A weird day. I stayed up late last night and didn't get up early this morning. When I did F was eating so I didn't feel bothered about making him go out. I wasn't hungry anyway. I made the bed, showered and came back to him watching J-crap on TV. Not really a big deal, but the English news was probably on and I haven't seen news in ages. For some reason, he got miffed and left.

He came back a while later and took me out for brunch. He ate dessert and wasn't much fun to be honest. He dropped me and our step-ladder off at my school and I got busy. I cleaned the high shelves that I usually can't reach, put up more Classroom English posters (leftover from Christmas) cleaned, vacuumed and generally never stopped. F came back a scant hour and a bit later. I was rather annoyed as I wanted to spend some quality time there.

We went out to Mikawa Mall and ended up seeing Alice in Wonderland. I can't help wondering if Tim Burton ever read the books? I think he knew the characters, but the movie had no connection to the book really. I didn't like it, wouldn't recommend it.

After the movie we went for okonomiyaki at the place near the mall. It's the type of place where we make our own. F ordered two types, one was monjuyaki which basically is a mess on the griddle (and didn't taste that good either) and an okonomiyaki which was okay but not especially great.

We came home via the grocery store. I stayed in the car as I didn't need any more food. Hub bought food, came home and ate it. Sigh. Can't believe how much he eats sometimes.

Had a quiet evening at home and watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. It was good and we both enjoyed the series. F sort of fell asleep on it. Oh well, he tried. It was a good show tonight and they had a lot of dancing on it. Sadly, they had the Jonas Brothers on and they were awful. It sounded like they were not singing live and weren't having fun at all.

Anyway, that's about it for me. Tomorrow I'm back at work with a busy evening. I have 3 classes from 5 on, so I'll be a little stressed.

Got to go. Night!


Vicky said...

I agree with your opinion on Alice in Wonderland. It was very much "What might have happened to characters with similar names, if they had been in a totally different story." I took my adult students to see the movie and was embarrassed.

Helen said...

We went on the strength of the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter team, but weren't impressed. Hubby said he liked it, but he doesn't know the story of Alice in Wonderland. I think they spent all their money on design and none on the story!

Thanks for commenting!