May 7, 2010

Friday - Rainy most of the day, clearing at night.

I had an okay day today, it was just quiet. I stayed home and relaxed. I had planned to go out, but the rain sounded really hard and I changed my mind.

In the late afternoon, there was nothing on the telly, so I put on a bit of Corner Gas and chuckled my way through the afternoon. Canadiana; gotta love it!

This evening, F came home about 12 hours after he went to work. He requested that we go to a Chinese restaurant near our apartment. I said it was fine. He had a big teishoku meal with ramen, I had veggie stirfry and some deep fried chicken. It wasn't in a coating like I thought, they just dunked the quarter chicken into hot oil. It was good, just a little odd. It had the bones still in it too.

We came home and watched Desperate Housewives. It was an interesting episode with lots of setting up plot moments, but nothing major happened except the old neighbour was carted away thanks to Edie's husband.

While we were watching it, I attempted to fix F's pajama bottoms which was a huge mistake of course. I should never attempt to do anything in front of him. I wanted to make sure that the new elastic I was putting in the waistband would be comfortable, he wanted to make sure that it would cut off his circulation. He took over and decided to use the elastic as a drawstring at his waist. Fine, whatever. At the end of Desperate Housewives he stormed off to bed. Good riddance!

I watched The Watchmen tonight. It was very complex and I think I'm going to have to watch it again. I did think it was very smart and the acting was good. I'm taping a Sandra Bullock movie right now. I'd like to get to bed soon though as I'm a bit tired and I'll have a long day tomorrow.

That was my day. Very quiet and boring really. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more interesting. Night.

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