May 9, 2010

Sunday - Hot and sunny. Gorgeous day!

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. Yep, I set an alarm for Sunday. F is pretty patient with me, but I didn't feel I should stay in bed as long as I usually do. When I sat up in bed I started laughing because...he was watching The Langoliers! It's one of his favourites, he just loves it. I got dressed and went into the living room to watch it with him. We did have a few problems with the dvd the end it started jumping around a bit. As it's our dvd player for my Canadian dvds that isn't a good thing. The Langoliers is also from Canada....don't know if the machine over-heated or just is wearing out.

We went for lunch to Grado and took them a bunch of my old newspapers. They use them for putting under their soup bowls, all cut up that is. I had chicken, F had kaisendon (fish on rice).

In the afternoon we went furniture shopping. I want to get some new chairs for my school as the ones I have for students are getting a bit squeaky. We looked in 3 different shops today but didn't find exactly what I want. I'd like to get wooden chairs this time, but most affordable ones come with a table, which I don't necessarily need. Also, I'd like to get 4 chairs but since I usually don't need so many, need them to be stackable or foldable. I'm very demanding. F found a chair that was nice, but when he stood up from it, it made an exhaling noise. I couldn't get that one as I have some rather immature students! I didn't get anything today, but at least we had a good look around. I'm going to check out one more big chain store and also a catalogue that I have, so all isn't lost.

At Athena, they didn't have any chairs that I liked, but they did have a close-out sale on their Asian market section. I picked up some cute fake pearls that I think will go nicely with a certain niece's birthday present. I also got a new magazine rack for the lobby of my school. It wasn't a must get, but it looked nice and the rack I have at the moment is a hand-me-down from Mr. Donut!

F and I had a cold drink in Doutors and then I insisted that he get his mother something for Mother's Day. He's being such a dwebe about things like this and I think it's probably important to her. He got her some potted carnations in the mall and then drove around trying to find first some dango and then some cake for her. We finally found some at a cake shop near my school. He dropped me off at home and delivered everything.

I did have a strange thing happen to me today though. When we were leaving the mall after our drink, I suddenly got a sharp and severe pain in my side. If I put my hand on my side I could move, but when I took my hand away it hurt so much that I gasped out loud. I have no idea what happened and it has eased over time, but weird. It almost felt like a rib had become detached or something, but I wasn't doing anything super active.

F came home and we spent a bit of time at home before going out for dinner. We went to Kintaro Sushi and had a good nosh! I tried a new for me "maki", the salad one. It wasn't bad. It had egg and lettuce and maybe a bit of red pepper inside it. My final bit of sushi was the salmon chotto yaki....the best. I ordered it right at the end so it was made just before I ate it. Yum.

We came home and watched a dvd (on the other dvd player). It was one of my favourites, The Quick and the Dead. F asked me who Leonardo diCaprio was again! He does that with all of his movies, it's quite funny. I love that movie because it introduced me to my favourite actor, Russell Crowe. Hurray for Russell baby.

That was about it for my evening. We had a good day. We didn't even argue and that almost never happens! Woot. I have one more day off, although F is back to work. See you tomorrow with my next report? Night.

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