Golden Week 2010 Photos

This is a statue of a Chinese lady. Apparently she was an ambassador of sorts. Nikaho Beach, Akita-ken

Cherry blossoms again. This picture was taken in Akita city, in the beautiful park.

These pictures were taken at the Oga Hanto, a peninsula in Akita. This is a monument to the 40th parallel. It was extremely windy that day too!

On our way to Sendai, we passed a dam and F stopped the car for a few minutes so we could stretch our legs. The sun was coming down and the scenery was lovely.

My favourite goofball. I had told him off for always posing the same way. He usually stands with his arms straight by his sides and no smile. I asked him to do something different with his arms and he did! At Mogami River Gorge, Yamagata-ken.

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