June 1, 2010

Tuesday - Warm and sunny.

What a difference in the weather today. Last week when I went to my school it was quite cold, cold enough that I had to run my heater to warm up the school. Today, when I arrived it was a hot 26 degrees and I had to run the air conditioner to cool it down!

As usual, I'm ahead of myself. I got up a bit late today, but no matter. I didn't care! I did my usual morning stuff, watched a little TV, but not much as there wasn't much on.

When it came time to make my lunch I had a good one. I made a garlic-veggie omelette and it was so good! I had the last of my stirfry heated with some of yesterday's pasta sauce as the filling of the omelette. I had F's leftover gyoza on the side. Yum yum yum.

I biked over to the school and got to work on cooling it down. I did try the environmentally friendly method of opening the window first, but it wasn't going to work in the time I had left. Also, it made the classroom really noisy.

I had two classes today and they went quite well. My first student and I had a good class. We talked about the Icelandic volcano and then the lesson topic of ordering in a casual restaurant. She said she enjoyed herself. The next student and I had a nice talk about her upcoming guest from America. My student is going to be a host "mother" to an American teen. I'm not really sure what to advise her. I suggested a beach barbecue as the girl is from a landlocked state. I'm not sure really. Any suggestions?

After my classes I finished up my paperwork, read the newspaper and relaxed a bit. F called me and then picked me up after 9 pm. We went out for dinner to New York New York, which was good tonight. We both had chicken and salad bar.

We came home via the grocery store and got a few things for the apartment. F went to bed very soon after arriving home, while I stayed up. I watched American Idol. I'm not sure why, but they were re-running some of it tonight. Tonight we saw part of the 8th season. This is about the 3rd time for the channel to run it. I just wish they'd run this season, even if it's already over in the US.

Anyway, that's it for me for tonight. I think I am going to drag myself over to Mikawa tomorrow. I haven't done a real shop in ages and I have a couple of presents to get for the next few months. Wish me luck okay? I'm going to need it!

Gotta go. Night.

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