June 11, 2010

Friday - Sunny and warm.

I did manage to get to bed a little earlier yesterday evening, and today was able to get up before my first alarm. I also stayed up! I watched news and went on my computer for a good long time! I was still in my pajamas until the afternoon because I was watching Random Hearts on TV. I hadn't seen it before and was quite drawn into it. Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas play surviving spouses of two people who are killed in a plane crash. Their spouses were having an affair and neither of them knew.

In the afternoon I went out after Grey's Anatomy. I biked over to S-Mall. I hacked around the 100 yen shop and didn't buy anything. Then I went downstairs and had an iced tea and a sandwich at Doutors. They have a new Spicy Thai sandwich. It was nice, but it had nuts in it. I think they were cashews so I should be okay, but I didn't notice anything about it on the poster.

I bought a box of sugar free chocolate in the grocery store and then came home. As soon as I walked in the apartment I noticed that F had tried to call me a couple of times. I called him back. He came back a bit later.

F is the sort of person that likes to eat the minute he gets home so he had a snack and then I got started on dinner. I was busy for a bit. We had some mashed potatoes from a package and I got F to prep them for us. I prepped the zucchini and the snow peas for steaming, and got the pork chops in the pan. Dinner was quite nice. I thought it was good actually! The potatoes were a bit meh, but other than that, quite nice.

F did the dishes and then settled onto the couch. We started watching a movie on regular TV. It was the first movie that the two of us went to see after we got married. It was Evolution, a pretty silly alien life come to Earth movie. He went to bed a bit after 10 and I am still up.

However, I am planning to get myself to bed soon. I really need to work on getting to bed at a decent time. So, to that end, I'm signing off now and will hopefully come back tomorrow night. Night!


Rachel said...

packet mashed potato in Japan?

We also had mashed potato last night, but I made it from a real potato.

Jaga-rico soaked in water actually makes passable mashed potato!

Helen said...

There is in fact packet mashed potatoes in Japan. We got them at our regular grocery store. They weren't terribly good, but quite convenient....They were Snowbrand.

And LOL about the jagarico! I had no idea. I like to eat them too much as is!

Thanks for visiting :-)