June 13, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and hot, a bit muggy too.

A good day. We both went to bed late last night, but as usual for a Sunday, F got up much earlier than me. He was on the couch snoozing when I did an early washroom run. I went back to bed and sleep. My alarm went off at 11 and I gradually came back to life. I did get a big chuckle when I noticed what he was doing. I could hear the TV and I noticed that he was wearing the headphones! Silly man.

I got up and got dressed. We had a quick bite at home of English muffins and then headed out. We were on our way to the Kokusai Mura for the International Festival they have every year. But, on the way there....something happened.

We were driving along and came to a busy intersection. It doesn't have any lights so at times it can be a bit tricky. We were going to turn left and I noticed that there were a man and a woman on the right side, about to cross at the crosswalk there. We made the turn, and as we turned, I saw that the man fell and was lying in the street. I gasped, and F turned to me and said "What happened?" I told him about the man, he had noticed him before the turn too. F pulled the car over to the side of the road, and got out and ran over to the man.

The woman that was there turned out to be his wife and between the two of them, they helped the man up and across the road. F helped hold the man while his wife went back over the street to get her bicycle. F had of course suggested that they call an ambulance, but the woman said they lived nearby and didn't want him to do that. Once the man was across the street he seemed not too bad. Maybe it was the step off the curb that threw him off balance.

Anyway, I was really proud of F for going over and helping out. It sometimes seems like Japanese people aren't very helpful towards each other, but F was great. Yay him.

We made it over to the International Center and went and looked at the food on offer. Some of it looked really yummy. We ended up finally getting some chap chae and some yakiniku from the Korean booth. We met up with one of my students and her guest. Her guest is an American teen on a one month trip to Japan, so we all chatted for a bit. After a bit I pleaded too much sun and we left.

We had a drink at Doutors (their new orzo one), then came home and took naps! It was so hot today, I was just drained.

A bit after 5:30 I woke up and changed my shirt for the evening. Tonight we had dinner reservations for Al Checcino, the famous (in this area) Italian restaurant in Kushibiki. We drove there and had a wonderful meal.

We had sashimi calpachio, risotto, then wonderful rare beef, followed by some gorgeous pasta. F had a pepperoncino and I had a fabulous mushroomy pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce. It was so good. For dessert they brought us two different cakes and we took our pick of them. F had a strawberry thing that was nice and I had a cheesecake-y thing made with gorgonzola and some other cheese. It was much better than it sounds! F had some freshly ground coffee and I had herb tea afterwards. Very, very nice meal. I guess the restaurant deserves its reputation after all!

We came home and had a quiet evening in. We did watch Hot Shots tonight at F's request. It was very funny. Some of the jokes are so culture based that I'm sure F didn't get them, but he got enough of them that he loves the movie too. It's up there with Airplane in his favourites I think.

Anyway, that was my day today. It was good. Tomorrow, I may head down to the post office as I need to send money for some books I'm buying. Wish me luck with that. Got to go. Night!

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