June 14, 2010

Monday - Cloudy and warm, but cooler than yesterday.

A nice day. F was off to work before I even woke up this morning. I tend to wake up early and then go back to sleep. Today, I did that too. Sigh.

When I got up, I thought about taking a shower. I know I should have, but somehow I never got around to it. Oh dear.

I watched the movie I taped last night, I Love You Man. It was a "bromance" and I quite liked it. It was about a man who didn't have any real male friends and tried to make one so he'd have a Best Man at his wedding. Much better than it had to be!

I watched some of Grey's Anatomy after the movie and then rode off to the post office. I had to make a payment to a person in Tokyo. I'm buying some novels from her. I could probably bookmooch them, but I had a chance to get 4 Dick Francis novels at once, so I took it. After the post office, I toddled off to the convenience store to get a sandwich for my lunch.

I came home and ate and watched Cold Case. Yep, it's back. Hurray. The next season will be starting soon on WOWOW so they run the old episodes. After that, I watched the weekend's episodes of CSI and got my murder fix for the day! Both shows were very good, especially CSI New York.

F came home a bit before 6 and I gave him a cold drink as soon as he came home. It wasn't a martini or anything exotic, just some Japanese tea, but he seemed to like it.

We went out for dinner tonight to Togashi, the yakiniku shop we like. We had a lovely dinner there, with a mixture of dishes, not just meat.

Groceries were bought on the way home and then we were home. F went to bed fairly early, but I'm up. However, it isn't all that late yet. I am hoping to get to bed early tonight because I have a busier day tomorrow than I've had in a bit.

Anyway, today was a good day. I only hope that tomorrow goes as well as today did. Night!

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