June 24, 2010

Thursday - Windy, cooler and sunny. Yes!

A very strange night last night. I didn't really get a good night's sleep at all. Poor me. I went to bed late and then at 4:30 F woke me up to ask me if I wanted a blanket. What? I asked him about that tonight and he said that I woke him up. Huh? Then, at 6:30 my cellphone got an email. I use my cellphone as my alarm clock so I tend to sleep with it. It woke me up. Ack. Before 8:30 this morning some idiot decided to chop down some small trees next to our apartment, so his machinery woke me up again. I didn't get back to sleep. Sigh. However, when I got up there was actual news on again. What's that, 3 days in a row now? Woot!

I got up, watched news, did a bit of computer stuff and then showered. Usual stuff. I had made some cold brewed tea following instructions on a blog I read last night and I had that throughout the afternoon. It was lovely.

After 1 I had a little nap. It really wasn't a long one and I don't think I fell asleep, but I did feel a bit less tired when I got up again.

Before work I made myself a yummy omelette. I had it with the leftover stirfry and it was good. Gotta love the veggie omelettes.

I left for work a little later than I wanted so I hustled myself over to the school. I got ready right away and it was a good thing too, as my student came with his mother. We did a little business and then my student and I got to work. He's really getting better. His English isn't great yet, but what an improvement over the way he was before! He had even attempted his homework. It wasn't completely correct, but he'd done two-thirds of it, which is much better than I expected!

My second student couldn't come today, so I had a little time for planning and prepping. My third student of the day came and we had a great class. She used a word today that I'd never heard her use before, and used it correctly, so I was really pleased. We were talking about work and brainstorming work related vocabulary so we even went overtime a little. It was interesting so I don't think she minded.

After a bit, I called F and he picked me up and took me for dinner. We went to Cocos and had a fairly nice meal together. He was tired again, but I talked to him anyway!

We were supposed to go to the grocery store on the way home, but F begged off. He needed to go to bed soon. He promised to go grocery shopping tomorrow night. We are talking about cooking dinner at home tomorrow, he might even grill some fish.

At home we watched a little telly before his shower. He's off in bed now and I'm still up. Sigh. I really should get to bed soon, although I don't have to teach tomorrow.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I might go out if the weather's okay, or I might stay home if it isn't. Either way, I have lots of things to do. Got to go. Night.


Rachel said...

Are all your lessons one-on-one? Did you do that deliberately or did it just happen? Just curious.

Helen said...

Yes, my lessons are all one on one and no I didn't do it deliberately!

My school is really very small, so I only have room at the moment for 2 students and myself.

The first class is a private student so obviously only one student. Thursday's second class was a children's semi-private class , but one student dropped out. The third class is technically a group, but I haven't been able to find a classmate for her for some time. She has had one in the past, but not at the moment.

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