June 25, 2010

Friday - Gorgeous day, warm and sunny with a nice wind.

I didn't sleep well last night. I went to bed late and F woke up again to get a blanket. He didn't talk to me this morning, just got his blanket. I woke up when he came back into the apartment after leaving and then a bit before my alarm. I also woke up in a bit of pain. I had managed to find a horribly uncomfortable position to sleep in so when I got up I felt all crinkled up. Luckily that did pass during the day. There wasn't any news on this morning though. Sigh.

I did some email/on-line work and then went back to bed for an hour. I felt better afterwards.

The weather was so nice today that I decided to go out. I had to pay some taxes today, so I rode to a bank and then stopped into a bakery for some nice goodies for lunch. Yum.

At home I watched my afternoon shows and did sort of plan to go out again, but didn't. F didn't call tonight, but showed up around 7 pm. We had talked about cooking at home today but I didn't really expect him to. Still when I asked him about it he said he wanted to do it.

We went first to the drugstore to pick up some essentials and then hit up the grocery store. F bought two kinds of fish which sort of scared me! He bought gindara, which I like, and a block of katsuo which I'm ambivalent about. I got some salad and some things from the deli section too.

At home, he did all the cooking and basically wouldn't let me in the kitchen. He served dinner and it was okay. We had miso soup, grilled gindara and sashimi katsuo, kabocha, shu mei and harumaki. I didn't like the sashimi too much as he'd cut it a little thick for me. The gindara was good, but had cooled down by the time I sat down to eat. I personally don't like to mix cooked fish and raw fish. Still, he tried really hard and dinner was good. I did the dishes afterwards.

We watched this week's Desperate Housewives and then I watched The Spirit. I had heard it wasn't very good, and I have to say I agree. I like stylish films, but I like stylish films with substance. So, I enjoyed Sin City for example, but really didn't like The Spirit at all.

At midnight I turned over the channel and watched Top Gear. Tonight the guys had each built a type of limosene and then they put them through their paces. It was quite funny and a little scary to be honest. Even F laughed a bit at it. He did keep saying things like, "That would be illegal in Japan." Yep, just like all the fun things in life!

He went to bed a bit ago and I was glad to see him go. He has a road trip tomorrow morning and has to start at 6:30 or so to get there in time. I'm a bit worried about him and really wished he'd started out tonight, but he didn't want to do that. So, tomorrow morning I have to get myself up, fed, and over to the school before my first class. Sure hope I can do it!

Anyway, that's it for me for today. Have a good night!

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