June 26, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny, rainy at night.

An okay day. I didn't wake up when Fumihiko left this morning. I didn't hear him at all. I woke up around 8 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I tried, but ended up getting out of bed before my alarm. Weird.

I had an okay morning at home. I did everything I usually do but in a very short time. I was out of the apartment by noon. I went right back in again to close the windows! I'd forgotten.

I had a good day at my school. I was supposed to have three classes but only had two. However, the missing student called to say she couldn't come. In the middle time I worked on my Journal column, read the paper, and prepped for classes for next week.

After my last class, I cleaned up and then called F. He came to get me and we went to Gusto for a loud and not that great dinner. During dinner, F asked me if I'd like to go to Sendai this weekend. I was surprised, but we decided to go.

When we came home, I made a reservation for a hotel room and checked the movie schedule for the theater near the hotel. There is something that I'd like to see, so fingers crossed we can go. F wants to leave very early tomorrow. I'm not sure why he wants to leave so early, but he's the driver.

I packed some clothes and watched a bit of the new 90210. I have no idea what the story is about.

I cruised into the kitchen to get a drink and smelt something really bad. I tried looking around for it and found some of F's negi that were going off. They didn't smell too bad though. Then I remembered that we'd had fish last night. I thought maybe F forgot to take all the fish out of the grill. I opened up the grill and realized that I had forgotten to clean the grill last night. Sigh. I almost never cook fish so had forgotten that it was used. I cleaned it tonight. I do have to say that I'm so glad I found it tonight rather than Monday night after our trip. Yuck!

I watched House and that was that. It's still really hot now, even though it seems to be pouring outside. I won't be updating tomorrow. I could take my computer but I think I'll just leave it at home.

I'll be back Monday night. Don't miss me too much. Night!

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