June 3, 2010

Thursday - Warm and sunny. Gorgeous day.

I went to bed quite late last night as it took a while to blog about my adventure. I also couldn't get up as early as I wanted today. I did try, but didn't quite manage! I did my usual morning stuff and then spent a lot of time on my computer.

I had to leave a little earlier to go to work today as my class started at 5. I left the apartment at 4 which is later than I had wanted. I did make good time though and managed to get everything done in my school on time. I'm really glad that I was finished on time as my student came about 10 minutes early. He bicycled himself over so I think he must have been trying not to be late. Anyway, we had a good lesson. Today it was mostly about capitalization of proper nouns. The textbook taught a lot of it about big cities like London and New York, but I changed it up and made it about local places and his name, my name, his dog's name, that kind of thing. It worked quite well too. Yay. The student isn't world-curious, so far-off cities don't really have the same appeal. I gave him his homework at the end of the class and sent him off on his way.

My second class of the day went well too. We went over a newspaper article I had given her last week. She was having problems understanding it. It was quite interesting working through the article.

After work I washed the dishes, did my paper work, some filing and set up a little for Saturday. I called F and asked him to pick me up.

Tonight's dinner was courtesy of Cocos. I had their new doria (think mac & cheese, but made with rice instead of pasta) with gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese. It was really nice. I was quite impressed. Too bad I'm thinking of going back on the LC wagon...I won't be able to have it again. We had drink bar too and at the end I created an Assam tea latte for myself. I got a cup of hot milk and ladled some of it into a cup of Assam tea. F made himself one too with my extra milk. When it was time to leave we had to wait a little while as their computer system wasn't working! They couldn't process our discount card until it came back up.

We came home and watched ER. It was a sad episode in a lot of ways. A man was caught in a cutter at work and the cleaning lady helped rescue him. The man's son thought it was her fault that his father was injured and arranged for her son to be set upon. Sigh. So stupid. I know it's just a TV drama, but stories like that upset me.

And that was that. I've been reading blogs and Facebook for a couple of hours. If I'm smart I'll go to bed soon, but we all know how that usually turns out! Night.

***PS...this should be the 987th post on this blog. How should I celebrate the 1000th? Would you like to ask questions? Have a mini-giveaway? Please put your suggestions in the comments below or feel free to add to my Facebook thread about it.

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