June 4, 2010

Friday - Scattered showers.

A good day. I got up more or less on time and then watched the news. Yay. It was on this morning.

I had a really quiet day at home, most of it spent in front of my computer screen. I got a few texts from my husband asking me to call him during the day. I think he wanted the break from work!

He came home close to 8 pm and we went out for dinner. He wanted to go to a nearby Chinese restaurant, so we did. Not a great idea. His ramen was only so-so and my dishes were merely okay. We shared some fried chicken and it was just this side of being burnt. Personally, I wouldn't have served it to guests in my house.

We picked up some groceries after dinner and went on the hunt for the elusive English muffin. They eluded us tonight. I guess I'll have to use cut bread tomorrow for our eggs instead.

F watched a dvd of Canada that he had bought at an airport. It did nothing but make me homesick. Thanks honey! Then, at midnight I watched Top Gear. It was a show about the 3 presenters driving across the lower part of the US. It was hysterical. They did get themselves into quite a bit of trouble though.

And that's about it. I had a good day, but it was fairly quiet, up until the bit when F came home. Tomorrow I'm probably cooking breakfast and then I have a dental appointment and then work. Wish me luck! Night.

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Trisha said...

Thanks for the kind words about Bailey. I am just really greatful that it wasn't worse!