June 8, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny, but a little bit muggy.

A good day. I got up this morning and checked email quite early, then went back to bed. I know, I know, I should have just stayed up, but didn't. I got up later and stayed up. I did morning things and also checked out the end of a movie on WOWOW. It was called Pinky and was quite interesting. It was an old B&W movie about an African-American woman whose skin was light enough that she could pass for white. She went up north and studied to become a nurse, but then returned to her hometown when her Grandmother asked her back. She nursed a rich white woman and then was left property and money by the woman. The white townspeople didn't like it and they took her to court to prevent her inheriting. I read on IMDb that Lena Horne really wanted to play the young woman, but as she romances a white doctor the movie studio decided audiences couldn't handle it. I only was able to see the bit at the end from where she was nursing the old woman. What I saw of the movie I liked and would definitely try to see the whole thing if it comes on again. Yay WOWOW.

I had a normal afternoon at home. I did take a 20 minute nap because I was tired all of a sudden, but then watched Grey's Anatomy. After it finished I ended up watching some of An American in Paris on one of the BS channels. It's been a good couple of days for musicals. Yesterday Fiddler on the Roof was on, today An American in Paris. I didn't watch all of either, but nice breaks from J-TV.

I left for work around 5 pm, making a stop at the drugstore on the way. I got something to drink, and a few other things for myself. I saw a really cute shirt that might look good on a certain niece of mine, but don't know if it'll fit her.

At the school I did a thorough cleanup, even dragged out the vacuum cleaner and did some dusting too. I changed a few of the flowers that I decorate with as well. I changed into my school clothes. Today, as I only had one class, I wore a rather fancy shirt that I hadn't worn in ages and it looked good. Yay. F texted me and asked me to call him when I was settling in to work. He's been doing that a bit lately. He needs a break and asks me to call so he has an excuse to leave his desk! I just hope people at his office don't think I'm helpless.

My class was good and we talked about the different restaurants we visited this weekend and then got into the lesson. We reviewed her goals for the year and she's a bit behind. The lesson itself went quite well. We discussed the vocabulary for the unit. It was a good way to start.

After class, I cleaned up, did paperwork and then called F. He picked me up and we went out for dinner. He decided on New York, New York, but turned into Fireball instead. I really didn't mind as I kind of wanted to go there anyway. We had a nice Italian meal. My pasta was better than his, even though we shared. He got a pepperoncino with shellfish. He didn't like the smell, I didn't like the heat. Mine was chicken in a tomato cream sauce. So nice.

We came home via the grocery store and bought a few things for tomorrow night. I'll cook for a change. Yay me.

At home, we had a quiet evening, just watched American Idol for the 3rd time! I hope this Fox channel runs some new stuff soon.

And that's it. F went to bed a long time ago and I'm still up. Tomorrow I'm off work, so I'm trying to decide what to do with myself. Wish me luck. Night.

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