July 10, 2010

Saturday - Hot and sunny, with some rain at night.

This is going to be short as it is now past 4 in the morning and I’m tired. Today was a pretty good day.

Classes went well, and I got quite a lot of work done in between them. I did up my books for the last couple of months, and read some newspapers, and a bit of the new novel I’ve started to read. It was all quite fun really.

In the evening we had dinner at the Arabic restaurant. We tried a couple of new dishes and enjoyed them. The new one for us was a mixture of eggplant, ground meat and tomatoes. Nice.

I suggested karaoke after dinner, so we went for about 3 hours. It was a lot of fun and I sang a lot of my favourites. I did a version of Dean’s Sway that was really good, according to F, and I was quite happy with my version of Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox). My Snowbird was funny as I made a mistake between the L and R in grass, and sang “glass”. Maybe I’ve been in Japan too long?

We came home and have been trying to find a hotel or something for next weekend. I get off work early so we thought we’d sneak away for the long weekend. However, our usual hotel has jacked up the prices for Saturday nights (to an insane amount) so we were trying to find another place to stay for Saturday night. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything is left.

I thought about staying elsewhere on the way to Niigata, but haven’t been able to find anything. Oh well, one night at home won’t be too bad. We can have a lot of fun here at home. Hopefully!

So, that’s it. All you get.

Probably a better update tomorrow night! Ja ne!

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