July 14, 2010

Wednesday - Bastille Day - Humid and cloudy, some rain.

Today was an okay day really. I got up to see if there was any news on, but there wasn’t. I went back for more sleep afterwards. Sure hope I can stay up tomorrow. I have to work!

I had a very quiet day again. I watched another one of those “storm” movies. It was okay. The second part of it is on tomorrow so I’ll probably catch it as the lead actor is pretty cute! I also like some of the supporting actors.

I had a lovely lunch of an omelette and sausages. I have some of the nice bread from the bakery in the mall too, which makes a difference too.

F came home tonight around 6 and then immediately started looking for food. I got a bit miffed with him because he was the one who said that we should go out. The problem was he hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch today either, so that wasn’t good.

We did go out, we went to Framboise for a nice dinner. I had a steak, and F had their Japanese meal which looked really nice. After dinner we visited a drugstore and got a few things for ourselves. Then, we visited the grocery store and picked up a few things too. F had brought home some blueberries from work today so we got cream to go with them, and a few munchie things for him. And a few for me!

We came home where he watched some really horrible Japanese TV. That’s okay. I got my revenge. At 11:00 I turned over to American Idol. It was quite fun actually. Some people are so bad, and others are amazing. They rarely show the people that are middle of the pack though.

And that’s about it for my day. It was okay, but I do wish I had done a few more things today. I had planned to go out, but wasn’t able to get up the gumption to do it. The weather kept threatening to rain too, so I really didn’t want to risk a soaking.
I’m done. Night!


siti the twins said...

Don't worry Ms.Helen, I'm sure you will have a good and happy day. Maybe not for today but tomorrow?(who know?)hehehe. don't worry,i pray to the god so that you will have an good day. - <3 Sahara.

Helen said...

Thank you!