July 15, 2010

Thursday - Humid, rainy and cloudy all day.

I got up this morning in time to watch the news. I even stayed up afterwards! I showered fairly early and then came back to watch some TV.

I did get a horrid wave of sleepiness around noon, so I took a 20 minute kip on the couch. Nothing like the rest of the week.

After my late brunch I headed off to work. I was quite lucky and it wasn’t raining when I left. It had been raining quite hard an hour earlier, so I was pleased to get to work without getting wet. I was a little late leaving and so I didn’t have much time to get ready at the school. Still, it was fine.

I had three lessons tonight which all went quite well. The first two were teens and they are doing well. The last lesson was an adult and we haven’t had a class in a couple of weeks. She’s a busy person and didn’t have time. Still, it was nice to see her again tonight.

After class I did a puzzle from the Sunday paper and then washed the dishes and called F to come and get me. He did, and then we went to Moku-Moku for dinner. That’s the 3rd Thursday in a row. I’m not sure why he wants to go there. It’s an okay restaurant, but there are better and closer places. When we finished dinner, we went over to the MaxValu and I picked up a few things for dinner tomorrow night. We’ll have pork saute and salad amongst other things.

We came home and had a quiet evening. Today was so humid that it was draining. My school’s thermometer said there was over 80% humidity. I felt wet just standing in the room. Bleck.

Tomorrow I’m off work again. I have a cunning plan for the morning, but I’m not sure if I’m really going to do it or not. I might, especially if the weather is okay. Anyway, I’ll report tomorrow night, but I’m away this weekend. Don’t miss me too much. Night.

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