July 16, 2010

Friday - Changeable weather all day. It was quite unbelievable.

Well, today I followed through on my “cunning plan”. I got up at 9, watched the news and quickly did all my computer stuff that needed doing.

Then, I grabbed my backpack and went out. I was a woman with a mission. I wanted to see Predators again! The weather outside was dark and cloudy, but not actually raining. I decided to risk it. I rode off to the new Tsuruoka cinema.

I got there in lots of time, parked my bike and locked it, and went in to the building. I didn’t have any problems buying a ticket nor later buying popcorn and a drink. I was sweating, however. Ugh. My poor handkerchief was soaked in a couple of minutes.

Just before I went into the theatre to see the film, I looked outside. It was pouring. Bucketing down. Oh no! Granted, I had brought my rain cape with me, but I don’t like wearing it. Still, I was determined. I was going to enjoy my movie.

I’ve already written about how much I enjoyed Predators, but I really enjoyed it more this time. This time I knew the story so could concentrate on other things (Adrien Brophy). It was fun. I will be getting the dvd when it comes out, I know that!

After the movie, I got out of the theatre, and in typical Tsuruoka style, the weather had done a complete 180 and was now glorious sunshine! There were still a few clouds, but it was hot and sunny. Yay. I biked off to do a few errands. First off I went to my two banks to get my passbooks updated. In the second one, I had to go in there and ask them to fix the magnetic strip as it has gone AGAIN. I hate their system.

I decided to go to the S-mall after that. I bought a few things in the 100 yen shop and also went to the coffee shop for a sandwich and an iced tea. Yum. I was sweating buckets again, so I needed all the liquid I could take in. I checked the bargain bin in the grocery store and found a couple of nice things. They were selling off small packets of Walkers Shortbread so I picked up a couple for hubby and me, and they were also selling off some expensive tea that a friend had given me at convention. It was a bit expensive at full price, but I got it at half price. Hurray.

I came home after this and relaxed for a couple of hours before F came home.

After he was home for a bit, I made dinner. It wasn’t too difficult tonight. We had sautéed pork with a sauce that we bought last night. That was a nice touch. It was made with apples and ponzu I think. We also had salad and shu mei . Yum. F did dishes so a couple of hours later I fixed the blueberries and cream and we finished them off. Hurray. F kept complaining that they weren’t sweet enough, but personally I think they were fine!

We watched Desperate Housewives tonight and it was cute. I think the whole storyline involving Edie’s husband is coming to a head, and it’s about time too. At midnight I forced hubby to give up the TV (kidding) and I watched Top Gear. I’m not sure why a person who doesn’t have a car, who has never had a car, and will never have a car enjoys the show so much, but I do. Can’t understand it really. But it’s fun.

That’s about it for me. Tomorrow I have one class and then we’re off to the streets of Niigata for a little R&R. Saturday night we might take in another movie…depends how we’re feeling and how far I feel like walking.

We’ll be back on Monday night if all goes well, so don’t miss me too much.


siti the twins said...

seems you had a very long day. try to relax a bit. :D

thefukases said...

Sounds like a great start to the long weekend. Enjoy!

Helen said...

Thanks ladies! We had a great time and have just made it back. Keep an eye out for updates!