July 2, 2010

Friday - Cloudy and muggy, thunderstorms in the afternoon.

An okay day today. I got up on time, but there wasn't any news on so I napped on the couch for a bit. Then, I got on with my day. I got dressed and made the bed. I did two loads of laundry and spent time on my computer too.

I had a quiet day. I watched the end of Green Card and today's Private Practice. There really wasn't much on TV today. Sigh.

Around 5 pm tonight I decided to go out to the mall. I just hadn't been out by myself in ages and thought that I deserved an outing. I cycled off and made good time. I hacked around the 100 yen shop and found 3 things that I wanted, so I bought them, then went downstairs and had a nice iced Royal Milk Tea at Doutors. It was around 7 and the mall closes at 8 so there really weren't many people in Doutors. I got quite a bit of my book read. I'm almost 20 pages from the end of it. Really enjoying it too.

Left the mall via the grocery store. Went outside and noticed that F had called me. I thought that meant he was on his way to his party as I'd asked him to call me when he finished work. I texted him to say I was at the mall and was on my way home.

I was in the middle of putting my wallet back into my backpack when he phoned me. Now, I was trying to balance the backpack on the back of the bike. The bike was parked on a slight slope. Everytime I moved the backpack it started the bike off in a strange direction. F tells me to wait where I am and he'll pick me up. He's finished his party. Hmm. It wasn't even 8 pm. I told him to go back to the party and have some fun. He said he was done. I told him that I was on my way home and didn't want to wait for him. After all, the mall was now going to close in 15 minutes and I had no idea where he was.

I cycle home and guess what. He's already there. Great. Just great. Here I thought I would get a whole evening to myself and he's there already. Afraid I wasn't too nice to him for a bit and he did his, "I'm going to bed now" bit. Whatever! I did go in and talk to him though and offered to let him buy me dinner. He agreed, so we went out.

We went to Coco Ichiban, the curry place. It was quite nice. Tonight I had a chicken and vegetable curry. I was surprised that F ate again. Granted it was a half sized curry, but he'd already been to a party and eaten. Then he started talking about eating again when he got home. Okay. He actually didn't have noodles as he said he might, just some of his snacks.

We picked up some tea for my students at the grocery store and then F helped me drop it off at my school. Yay.

We came home and after a bit, when I said I'd like to watch Top Gear at midnight, he went to bed. Was it something I said?

So that was it. My day. I did watch Top Gear and tonight it was pretty cool. They each got a car and drove it across Botswana. It was very interesting and quite funny, in that mean British Humour sort of way.

Tomorrow I have two classes and a dental appointment in the middle. I'm not sure what to tell the dentist. My bridge isn't as comfortable as I had hoped and it has changed my bite I think. Hmm. I hope she doesn't suggest grinding my real teeth again. That won't make me happy.


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