July 22, 2010

Thursday - Too hot and too sunny for me.

I’m sitting here at my computer at 3 am and I’m thinking that it is really late and I’d like to get some sleep soon. However, it is so hot still that I’m not sure I could get to sleep. F seems to have no trouble sleeping in any season, but when I’m too hot or too cold I don’t get a lot of sleep. In winter I can always put on extra clothes in bed, but in summer there’s only a limited amount of things I can take off!

Today was a pretty good day. I did get up at a reasonable time to watch the news, but it wasn’t on. I ended up watching an interesting WWII film on WOWOW. It had a lot of good people in it. The ones I recognised were Eddie Albert and Jack Palance. A very young Jack Palance.

I had a quiet morning around the house to be honest. I had some of my new oatmeal for breakfast and that was a nice treat. I should probably just buy the real cooking oats, it’s probably cheaper, but the microwave version is so convenient.

Lunch was yummy. I stir-fried the left over veggies from yesterday and then poured 3 beaten eggs over them. It ended up a bit like a Chinese omelette from my youth. It was very tasty. I had it with some avocado on garlic crisp-breads. Yum.

I left a bit late for work, so couldn’t go to the convenience store on the way. I have to pay a bill for F. Hopefully tomorrow. I made fairly good time to the school.

When I got to the apartment I nearly melted. It was 37 degrees in my classroom. Yikes. I worked on getting it cooled down. I was afraid I’d burn out my AC, so I started it at 30 degrees and gradually decreased it as it cooled down.

My classes today went quite well. A student brought me a copy of her gumbo recipe in Japanese and we spent a fun few minutes going through the ingredients and translating them for me. My katakana isn’t bad, and the list didn’t have a lot of kanji, but there were instructions for how to cut up the veggies so I didn’t know exactly what was meant. I think my student found it interesting to explain and then hear the English word.

After class today I did everything fairly quickly. I washed the dishes and did paperwork, as well as planning another lesson for a student. F sent me a text and I called him back. We decided to go to Grado so he brought the old newspapers with him.

We had a pretty decent meal in Grado. As often happens, F gets menu envy after he sees what I get! I do tend to order the best things for myself. Tonight I had a mille-feuille of chicken, mozzarella cheese and tomato. It was very nice. It came with a lot of veggies on the side. F had the fish special. It looked okay, but had a lot of seafood so I’m glad I didn’t have it.

We came home and watched ER and F made us some decaf. Yay for him.

It was a quiet evening and nice. I had the AC on most of the night, but have it off now. I’m going to open the windows before bed. I’ve lived in hot countries before, but in them the temperature usually cools down a bit at night. Here in Japan, it rarely does. It might go down a degree or two, but for me it is still too darn hot.

That’s it for me. I hope to go out tomorrow. Wish me luck with that. Night!


Orchid64 said...

The temperature gets me, too. Though summer usually isn't a problem because my husband can't sleep unless it's pretty ice cold. I usually end up needing a blanket in the air conditioned bedroom, though I usually toss it off earlier in the day.

I really envy most Japanese folks in the summer. They can sleep and feel comfortable in heat so much better than most foreigners... though they do complain about it all the time anyway. I can't leave the house in summer without hearing 6 people say, "atsui, ne" to each other. It beats out "konnichiwa" as a greeting once the weather changes.

siti the twins said...

wow! for me it is too hot. but makes sure you take care of your health okay.

Helen said...

Orchid, our air conditioner is in the living room so it doesn't help that much when we sleep. Also, F is very sensitive to the AC and it seems to make his back/neck problems feel worse, so I'm sure he wouldn't like me using it at night.

F also has a weird thing (perhaps related to his car accident that caused his back problems) where he can't feel the temperature. To him, a 30 degree day is no different than a 10 degree day. Drives me crazy!

Siti...it is too hot for me too! I am taking care of myself, but thanks for the good wishes.