July 23, 2010

- Hot and sunny, cloudy and very, very humid

Today was a good day more or less. I got up early and sweltered in the heat. It felt like it was one degree away from a shower. I watched TV for a few minutes then went back to bed for a bit. I slept a bit late.

I got up, did my computer stuff and generally relaxed. I had thought about getting my hair cut, but kept putting off leaving so I didn’t do it. However, I did go out for a bit before 5 pm. I rode to a convenience store to pay the phone bill for F and then I rode on to the mall.

I visited the 100 yen shop and bought a few things, then had a calzone and an iced Royal Milk Tea. I read a bit of my Dick Francis too. I’m now on to Silks. It’s really good, but is still scene setting at the moment.

I hacked the grocery store. I was looking for something for dinner, but didn’t find anything I was interested in cooking. I came home via the bakery where I bought a few bagels for our breakfast tomorrow.

I arrived home to discover F’s car in the parking lot. He was home and hadn’t thought to call me. Hmm. I tried to come in and he’d barred the door. Obviously when he came in he thought I was home. I had to ring the bell to get him to let me in.

He was cooking noodles when I arrived. So, not only had he not called to see where I was, but he’d decided to feed himself too. Okay fine. I wasn’t hungry, so I said I’d wait for dinner.

Later on we ended up going to Cocos Curry House. I had the same as last time, a vegetable curry with chicken cutlet. Yum. F had a basic pork curry. We did a quick grocery store trip to get F his bieru and then came home.

At home I made us some iced tea and then we watched this week’s Desperate Housewives. It was rather good this week. But, please, can we get rid of Edie’s husband soon? He’s very annoying. It was interesting to see Christopher Rich in the show. I remember him from his Another World days, and then his Murphy Brown appearances. He’s a bit older now.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got a box of goodies from my sister today. She sent some toothpaste, some antiperspirant and body lotion. She also sent a photo of her son and her daughter’s Twilight stuff! Most interestingly though, I got a box of mac & cheese, a new kind with 4 cheeses. Sounds yummy. Now the real question is, should I make some for myself or should I be nice and share with F? Depends how good he is!

Anyway, I should be off. I have an early dentist’s appointment. I’m not sure what’s going to happen at it. I hope it’s not too bad.

Talk to you tomorrow night. Bye!

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