July 25, 2010

- Sunny and hot, plus weird rainbursts from time to time.

An okay day today. I woke up properly at 11:40 or so when I dragged myself out of bed. F of course was doing his “Gentleman of Leisure” bit on the couch. I made the bed and stayed up.

After a while on my computer and some decaf, F asked about lunch. We decided to go to Jour Faste, a restaurant we went once before. We had a nice, quite inexpensive meal there. It was a chicken saute, with tomato veggie sauce. It had lots of things with it like salad, soup and rice. We even got dessert and coffee for less than 1000 yen each.

We spent some of the afternoon driving around looking for travel brochures. I reminded F that many people take summer holidays and was he going to be one of them? We’re thinking about different options. We’d like to get out of Japan, but not spend a fortune. Also, F can’t take a long vacation so we’d appreciate somewhere nearby. We picked up brochures for Hong Kong, Guam & Saipan, Taiwan and Hawaii. I have no idea if anything will come of it. I doubt it honestly!

We had gone out to Mikawa’s mall, so we had an iced coffee drink at Seattle’s Best and then drove back into the city. On the way to the mall we’d passed a new shop that claimed to sell large size mens and ladies clothing. We stopped in. I did see a few interesting things, but when I tried them on I was a bit “meh” about them. They fit well, but the short sleeved shirts were too short sleeved! To be fair, the quality didn’t look that bad. F did get himself a shirt there. It was quite nice. Some of the mens clothing was interesting and another time I might even get some for myself if I’m desperate! I used to do it all the time when I first moved to Japan.

We went home and watched Mansfield Part with Billie Piper. I have to say that I quite liked it. It didn’t get off to a good start and Fanny has always been my least favourite Jane heroine, but the movie version made her more likeable. It was fun and I was surprised that F was getting into it as well.

We had a late dinner at Jiro. F did one of his usual, “Let’s get in the car and decide where we’re going to eat once we’re on the road.” things. I do not like that! Still, dinner was nice.

We came home via the grocery store where we got a few things for tomorrow’s dinner. I’m going to do a stir-fry.

That’s about it. We spent a bit of time watching TV. F was watching something about commercials so it wasn’t too annoying for a change.

Anyway, I should go. It’s late and I hope to have a fun day tomorrow doing fun things. Or something like that! Night.

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