July 30, 2010

Friday - Hot and sunny, then cloudy with some rain.

Today was a good day, and a busy one. I got up at a reasonable time. There wasn’t any news on, so I didn’t watch anything. F came back and after some coffee and a shower, we went out.

We had lunch at the Grand El Son and it was good. I had gorgonzola and kabocha cream penne. Very yummy. F had veggie and anchovy pasta and his was nice too.

We went to Yamaya for a few goodies for our apartment and then I asked F to take me to my hairdresser. I was able to get in fairly soon after that, and I got my hair cut. Hurray. I’m so happy. My head feels a million pounds lighter!

I met F at S-Mall and we had a frozen yogurt in Doutors. I ran through the hundred yen shop and bought a few things too.

We came home for a while and watched Emma. It was the Kate Beckinsale one. I liked it a lot. I had seen it before, but at the time I saw it I had no idea who Mark Strong was. Now he’s in a lot of films, often as the villain, so it was interesting to see him as Mr. Knightley. I am always surprise how much F likes my Jane Austen movies. He really seemed into this and enjoyed it too.

We went out for dinner and had a few problems along the way. We got halfway down the road and F realised he’d forgotten his wallet. We went back for it. The restaurant that we’d planned to go to looked really crowded from the outside. We dropped off the DVDs and then went to Hana. It’s a restaurant near my school. I don’t usually like it because it serves Japanese food and there’s something about F in a Japanese restaurant that bugs me. He reads the entire menu to me. Drives me nuts. Anyway, I had a special dish that was half fish and half meat so I was quite happy. F had just fish on rice, so he was happy too. It was actually pretty good.

We came home via the grocery store. We needed dishwashing liquid and milk, not in the same bottle though.

We watched this week’s Desperate Housewives and then the end of The Wrestler, which was good and a bit weird. Then, at midnight I put on Top Gear. Tonight it was really funny! The guys had a race across London. One went by bicycle, one by car, one by boat and another by public transport. It was quite interesting to see how it worked. The boat did surprisingly well! And, Simon Cowell was also the guest driver. Since we’re now both American Idol fans we enjoyed seeing him somewhere else.(This update was for my sister, who thought I wouldn’t blog about Top Gear. However, I did, and she doesn’t read my blog anyway!)

So that’s about it for my day. We’re sort of winding down for the night. It is late, and I have to work tomorrow. Also, for a change, F is going out, so I’ll have to get myself home after work. I think I’ll take myself out to a restaurant and just enjoy myself. Wish me luck with that!


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