July 4, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and hot, quite humid too.

I had a good day today. I had set my alarm for 11 am and managed to get up only 20 minutes later. I think F was quite surprised about the whole thing. We didn’t do much once I was up. F had put on some documentaries about Canada that he had taped yonks ago. I don’t know why he doesn’t erase them.

After 2 we decided to go out. Our restaurant of choice today was Kintaro Sushi. It was quite good today. The majority of the lunch crowd had left already, but the sushi makers were still busy so things were fresh and didn’t take a long time to come. I had quite a few things and I even ordered for myself for a change.

When we finished lunch we went to an electronics shop. About a month ago our dehumidifier gave up the ghost. We use it to help with drying clothes and keeping my books from going bad in this season. We got a new one. It’s more powerful so probably won’t run it so much. It was on sale, but when they rang it in we didn’t get the sale price, so they had to check on it. Luckily, we got it for the lower price.

We came home and F set it up. Then he left to go and see his mother. She’d asked that he visit her. I didn’t mind, so off he went.

In the meantime, I played on my computer and relaxed. Read a little email. The usual. He didn’t come back at 5. He didn’t come back at 6. He came back at 7 pm. I wasn’t too pleased as we were supposed to go and see a movie tonight. The movie started at 8:25 and we had to eat first. I did ask if maybe we should go a different night, but he said tonight was best.

We drove to the theatre and on the way his cell phone rang. He pulled over to take the call and found out that a co-worker had a death in the family and wouldn’t be into work tomorrow. I asked F if he wanted to cancel, after all, this was a pretty big surprise. He said no.

We went to the theatre and parked the car. They have a restaurant adjoining the theatre and we tried it tonight. F had ramen and I had a very nice stir-fry of veggies and local pork. F paid for the meal while I went to buy the drinks for the movie. Tonight we saw Up In the Air. I liked it a lot. I think I want to be like Ryan Bingham. I could handle living in hotels and travelling as much as he did. I’m just not sure I could pack as lightly though!

For some reason F seemed to be falling asleep during the movie. He said he wasn’t, but I’m not sure I believe him.

After the movie we drove around a bit. I’m not sure why F took the route he did, it was circuitous at best! Anyway, we hit the grocery store and got a few things for tomorrow’s dinner, including some lamb chops. I’ve never cooked lamb before, does anyone have any tips for me?

That’s about it for me. It was a good day, but tomorrow I might run a few errands or do something interesting. I hope. Got to go. Night!


thefukases said...

lamb chops? As in thick slabs of meat? Wow. Rarer than hens teeth! Tips? Medium is about as far as you want to cook them. They are yummy with mint or rosemary and garlic or just anything!


Helen said...

Thanks! We just finished dinner.

I found a recipe on the net and marinated them with some garlic and rosemary. I cooked them medium rare and they were yummy!

Thanks for visiting my blog!