July 9, 2010

Friday - Hot, humid and cloudy. Strong rain at night.

An okay day. I got up really early for me today and watched some news on TV. It wasn’t the US news, but I enjoyed it anyway. Now I’d like to be able to tell you that I stayed up. I’d like to be able to tell you that, but I can’t. Nope. I went back to bed for a good long stretch.

When I got up I had a normal day at home. Around 3 I went to the post office with my box of goodies for my niece and nephew. I wanted to buy a box. I could, but I could only get one that would be too small, or one that was too big. I went for the bigger one and ended up sending my shoe box to Canada too! That’s not part of the present! The post office lady was really nice and gave me some newspaper to crumple up to fill the space, and helped me with prices and such. The people in the little local post office I go to are really nice!

I came home and did a few more things at home.

F came home around 6:30 I think and I cooked dinner a little later. Tonight we had stir-fried asparagus and bacon, coro-coro steak and salad. It was all quite nice. I had told F to get the asparagus last night while I bought other things and he only bought one bunch of 3. I expected him to buy at least 2 bunches. I think he forgets how much the two of us eat!

It was a quite nice dinner though. Afterwards F cooked more of the bacon and then did the dishes. Hurray for him.

After dinner we spent a nice evening together. Around midnight he watched Pimp My Ride and then I made him turn it over for Top Gear. I really love that show. It’s so funny, and so British. Dame Helen Mirren was the guest driver tonight and she was interesting! In the other part of the show they drove fancy cars through Europe. James was silly enough to get a car with no air conditioning. I felt for him.

F fell asleep on the show and when it was over went to bed. I stayed up playing some of my games and finally blogging. I should go to bed soon as I do have to work tomorrow.

Still, I get a very long weekend as Tuesday is the local Obon and my student isn’t coming. That means I don’t have classes until Thursday next week. Too bad I have no money or I’d go somewhere exciting.

That’s it for me. Talk to you later. Night.

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