June 30, 2010

Wednesday - Hot, cloudy, humid with a bit of rain.

An okay day today. I got up early and checked for news, but sadly it was just baseball. Bleck. I decided to go back to bed and sleep on for a bit.

I had a quiet day at home. I didn't do anything exciting. I vacuumed the apartment, did a load of laundry and got the table set up for dinner. Woot.

I watched my weekend's TV and was watching Green Card when F came home. Of course he decided to make lots of noise during the movie and started asking me dumb questions so I turned off the TV.

I got dinner together and then F decided to take a shower. Why then? So annoying. When he came back we ate. We had bought pumpkin soup cold, and then some wrapped sandwiches. We made them to taste with a mixture of lettuce, sprouts, tomato, cucumber and pastrami or fake crab. Very yummy.

After dinner F did the dishes and then watched a bunch of crappy TV. I worked on my Journal column with the headphones on so I could hear music rather than Japanese. I think I'll check it over tomorrow and then send it. I originally wanted it to be longer, but I think it's going to be fine the length it is.

We watched Desperate Housewives at 11. F ended up going to bed on it. He's really tired these days. I watched it all though and enjoyed it. It was all about a handyman who had affected the lives of the housewives. Beau Bridges was the handyman and it was lovely to see him again. He used to be one of my favourite actors when I was younger.

That was my day. I'll likely go to bed soon. It is so hot these days, that I'm a bit tired too. Tomorrow I'm back to work. Wish me luck. Night!

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