August 10, 2010

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, lightning at night.

An okay day. I got up at a goodly time, and did all my morning things. I watched the repeat of Royal Pains or whatever it’s called and thought it was okay.

Lunch was good again. I had the remainder of the leftovers….and really enjoyed it. I even managed to get out the door a little early for a change, so I was on time to my school. Yes.

It was hot in the school, around 33 degrees. I used the AC and my fan and it cooled down rather well. I had forgotten how well that works. I set up the hot water and the cold tea too as the student often wants a cold drink on this kind of day. Today she wanted just water, so she had some. Our lesson was fine.

During her class I had used my cd player/stereo so when she left I turned it to radio. Even though it was Japanese, it was just nice to have some background noise and music. Most of the music was Western, at least for a while so that was good.

I had a nice break and did quite a few things that I needed to do. When 6 pm rolled up I prepped for my class and then waited for the student. She called to cancel. She was busy. Sigh. I did have one more class so I waited for that one.

My last student of the day had just returned from the US so she spent most of the class talking about her trip. I think she had a great time. Her pictures were gorgeous too.

When she left, I finished up and called F around 9 pm. He came to get me. We stopped at the convenience store to pay for an Amazon order (How convenient is that? No credit card needed!) then home to pick up F’s wallet. Then we went out again to New York, New York.

Dinner was okay. I had pork and over dinner I had the idea of letting F be in charge of dinner tomorrow. I know he’s probably missing having cold noodles for dinner, and I certainly am not going to cook them. I suggested it to him and he seemed okay with it. We bought a few things at the store for dinner.

All evening F was really glum. He barely talked to me, didn’t ask me anything about my day or my classes and didn’t even seem to want to eat. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, if anything was that is. I hope it’s just some passing thing.

We watched American Idol and enjoyed it. F watched the first half then went to bed. I thought that Casey James did a really nice job on Bryan Adams’s Heaven . I was a little miffed when no one even mentioned the name of the group that originally sang American Woman. The Guess Who. Burton Cummings had nothing to fear from the guy who tried it though.

And that was it. My day. It was good up to the part where I came home. Being around F when he’s like this is so difficult. I don’t know what’s up and until I do I can’t help at all. Sigh.


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