August 11, 2010

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, but cloudy too.

A good day. I got up at a good time and watched news. Yes! Then I watched a documentary about dogs and how breeders are changing the way that dogs look for shows. It was really sad as they are changing them in ways that are not healthy for the animals. Some breeds are also really inbred. It is distressing how the health problems have increased as the dogs change.

I got tired so I took a bit of a nap. A nice long one. Yay!

In the afternoon, I got my book sorted out to take to the post office. I had received a mooch yesterday, so wanted to get it out today. I went out with it around 4. I sent it off easily and then decided to go off to the mall for a drink.

At the mall, I did a little shopping and bought a pair of ice tongs. I have a pair at the school that I use, but I noticed recently that they are a little rusty. Hopefully this pair won’t get that way as the design is different. I went to Doutors and had my Iced Royal Milk Tea and a sandwich. It was yummy.

I came home and was home for a bit when F came home from work. He was in a much better mood than yesterday, thank goodness. He was in charge of cooking dinner tonight, so after a little rest he got it underway. He presented me with two types of noodles (a little overkill I’d say), ham, cucumber and negi. The noodles were good, but it was hard for me to get excited about them. I’d really have preferred one small bowl of noodles to two big bowls. I didn’t eat all of my somen , I just couldn’t. It was nice, but not my thing.

I did the dishes and as always there were a million of them. There’s something about F that when he cooks he has to use every dish in the place. Still, it wasn’t that bad and I was glad that he got a meal that he enjoyed and was seasonally appropriate for Japan!

Later on, we watched American Idol. It was the show that told us who was going home. I enjoyed it as both Kris and Allison from the last season were on.

F went to bed and I watched a bit more TV. At 12:30 That 70’s Show was on and it was quite funny. I really miss sitcoms living here in Japan. They just don’t do funny…in my opinion!

Anyway, that’s it for me. I’m off to bed soon. I have a busy evening tomorrow, and I’ll be a bit late. Wish me luck eh? Night.

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