August 12, 2010

Thursday - Hot and humid, rainy and cloudy for much of the day.

Today was a good day. I got up and didn’t watch the news as it wasn’t on. Sigh. I did see a bit of Japanese news about the approaching typhoon. It was on its way, but veering a bit north of us. We got some of the tail end I think, a bit of rain but honestly, nothing like other people got.

I had a busy-ish morning, I did some laundry and did some things on the computer for myself. I also watched a couple of movies that I’d taped over the last few days. First-up, Sunshine Cleaning. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. I liked the stars, Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, but the story didn’t feel quite finished. It was about two sisters who start a business cleaning up locations where people had died. It wasn’t a real comedy and it wasn’t a real drama. The actors were good, but something was missing. The second movie was Charlie Bartlett with Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr. I quite liked it. It was about a rich teen looking for acceptance at a high school. Quite funny in an odd way. Anton Yelchin has been in a lot of films lately and is rather good. I think he might be an actor to watch.

I got ready for work while watching Royal Pains and then went to work. It was nice not to leave in a panic like last week! It did rain a bit, but I was wearing my rain coat and didn’t get terribly wet.

My school wasn’t terribly hot today, just hot, so I cooled it down and got ready. Classes went quite well today I’m glad to say. I had 3 and they were okay. In the second one I combined two lessons into one and I think it was a good thing to do. The student is older than the textbook target and I think she’s doing well.

After work I read the paper and then did the dishes. I had a lot of those today! I finished up just after 10 and I was reaching for the phone to call F, when he called me.

He picked me up and we had dinner in Cocos. Tonight we had hamburgers and tried their scratch and win tickets. I won a free banana crepe which is rather funny as I HATE bananas and don’t want it. I promised F he could have it if he wanted.

We stopped at the grocery store to get some food for dinner tomorrow. We’re going to have fried chicken pieces again and a big salad. I got a basic salad and then started adding things to the basket. It should be good.

We came home and F watched a show about Canada. I think he’d taped it or something. I rarely watch things about Canada these days, they make me too homesick.

And that was my day. F is in bed asleep and I’ll go to bed soon. I’m a little tired as I was busy tonight.

Gotta go. Night!

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