August 13, 2010

Friday - The dreaded Friday the 13th!
Sunny, cloudy, rainy, rinse and repeat.

A pretty good day today. I woke up this morning just before 8:30, used the washroom and on the way realised that hubby dearest hadn’t taken out our garbage this morning. How he’d managed to walk past two big pink bags of plastic garbage was beyond me, but he did! So, I quickly got dressed, grabbed my wallet and took it out to the gomi station. I’m quite lucky here, we don’t seem to have Garbage Gestapo in this area.

I came back in, washed my hands, and went back to bed for a few minutes until my alarm rang. There wasn’t any news on, so I spent a bit of time on my computer then took a nap. It went on a bit too long, so when I woke up I felt a little disoriented.

I got dressed and did a load of laundry. It was the load I didn’t do yesterday. How about that, I’m all done and I wasn’t quite down to one pair of pants for the coming week!

Around 2:45 in the afternoon, I got my backpack packed and I went out. I did something daft but something I really wanted to do. I went to see Predators again. Yep, it was the third time for me, but you know what? I enjoyed it even more this time. It was fun seeing it in a smaller theatre today too. There were a few more people there, all guys. I was the only female in the theatre. I don’t really enjoy seeing a film with Japanese people. They are just too darn quiet. I like to see movies with people who laugh or gasp or actually appear to be watching the same film I am. No matter…I still had a great time.

After I left the theatre I decided to go to S-Mall for tea. I had brought my book…The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and am enjoying it thoroughly. So much so that I am taking my time with it. I had been afraid that the translation would be a bit fuzzy…I’ve read other Scandinavian lit translated and the characters all sound like Yoda, but this one is fine. (I got into a bit of trouble in Uni because I just couldn’t read a book because everyone talked Yoda-ian —that and the prof told us not to bother reading the first 30 pages or so of it. If it was worth reading the novel, surely the first 30 pages should be read too???)

At the mall I checked my phone, only to discover that F had phoned me 3 minutes before. I rang him back, told him I was at the mall and would he like to meet me there? He would. I went in, had my tea and read a few pages of my novel before he joined me.

After his tea, we had a quick zoom around the grocery store. We got a few things for dinner and life, then came home.

F changed, as did I, and he started his rice. After a bit I began to prep dinner. I made a big salad by combining a few things, then when it was a good time for him, I cooked the chicken. F also prepped some cucumbers for us to eat. We had a great dinner. We had fried chicken, salad, macaroni salad, cucumbers with miso too. F had rice on the side too. Very nice dinner really. F did dishes and then we relaxed for the evening.

It was quiet for a long time. I watched Top Gear tonight which was exceedingly silly, but enjoyable as always and then turned off the TV.

This Friday the thirteenth wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was rather a nice day.

Tomorrow I’m at work again. I have a few things to do and a long stretch between classes. I think I may have time for a little bit of reading. I hope so. Night!


Rachel said...

My husband shares that amazing ability to walk past very suggestive-looking bags of rubbish in the genkan!

As a re-born connoisseur of the afternoon nap, I agree, there is an ideal length, which, if you exceed, leaves you feeling rather odd.

(ps. love 'Garbage Gestapo'!)

Helen said...

Actually, F is really good about taking out the garbage, which is why I was so surprised that he didn't do it yesterday. He usually does it. Maybe it wasn't stinky enough for him to notice?

Any idea what the ideal nap length is? I think I slept for an hour and a half and it was too long.

Thanks for visiting :-)