August 14, 2010

Saturday - Rainy and hot.

I had a busy day today. I got up a bit after 9 and showered. F didn’t go to the doctor and didn’t get in my way which was amazing! I decided to take my computer to work as I thought I would be able to get a lot of work done. I was right.

We had an okay brunch at Gusto and then F dropped me off at my school. Because of the lack of sun my school wasn’t as hot as it has been lately, but I still needed the air conditioner on.

My first class went well. I was surprised to receive a box of chocolates from my student. She’d been to Australia this week and just got back to our city today. I confused the poor kid today as well because we discussed seasons and I tried to explain that Australia was in winter at the moment. She said it couldn’t be because there wasn’t any snow! I think it was the first time someone tried to explain the concept of opposing seasons to her, and considering how young she is, I didn’t expect her to really get it.

After her class I had a long break. I was busy though. I did a load of laundry at the school…I use all cloth towels for students, so I have to wash them after they are used…I also prepped several weeks of lessons for some students, plus wrote out the letter for my holidays that I want F to translate. I did paper work, read two newspapers and even had a light lunch. Yay me. One thing that wasn’t as nice was a bit of an upset stomach.

My second student of the day came at 6 pm and we had a good lesson. We did a lot of reading and discussion, so I think it was good for her.

After class I cleaned up and finished up my paperwork. I called F and he came and picked me up.

We had dinner in Coco Ichibankan . As I was worried about my stomach I didn’t have spicy curry, I had their mildest type. I was just going to start my dish when I noticed a long clear thread glinting in the light at about my eye level. I followed it up and sure enough, there was a spider above our heads near the ceiling. Yikes. I showed F and we called the waitress over and asked to be moved. We changed tables and when the people who had been sitting near us left, the waitresses tried to get rid of the spider! I think they managed, although I’m not sure. This season there tends to be a lot of spiders around.

We popped into the Geo near that side of town and picked up a few dvds. We got Red Eye, and also Becoming Jane and Northanger Abbey.

We came home and F asked that we watch Red Eye. It was his choice because of course it is an airplane movie! It was quite good. It was reasonably believable and quite suspenseful.

At 12:50 I watched House and after that, F has been watching really weird stuff. I think it’s some kind of old Japanese Anime. I of course am not interested in that!

I’ll probably go to bed fairly soon. It’s a little late after all. Anyway…no idea what we’ll do tomorrow. Find me tomorrow night and find out. Night!

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