August 15, 2010

Sunday - Hot and sunny, with clouds too.

An okay day. I woke up this morning at 11 am and got up fairly soon afterward. F worked on my letter to students that I had written yesterday and got it translated. He printed it out and discovered that his printer was almost out of ink. Oh dear.

We had lunch at TREnTA and it was quite nice. We had pizza, 2 kinds of pasta, a salad and an appetiser for 3000 yen. We got up to leave and pay and F stopped halfway to the door and looked in his wallet with an odd look on his face. He had only 1000 yen in his wallet. Luckily for him, I had exactly 3000 yen, so between us we were able to pay.

We did a little running around in the area after F visited a bank machine and got some food at Yamaya and some blank video tapes at the hardware store. The hardware store didn’t have the right sort of ink for F’s printer so we went across the city to the other side. On the way past the old centre of town I realised we were passing the department store I’d wanted to visit. We went there and got a small present for friends who have just had a baby. Then, on to the electronic shop.

F found ink there, picked it up and we left. We stopped in at the drugstore on the way home, no big deal.

At home, I used my computer for a while, before I went and took a nap. A long 2 hour nap.

When I woke up, someone was pleading hunger, so we went out to Jiro. It was busy, but we were able to get in. We ordered and then F said that he was going to the drugstore to get some eyedrops. He left and I waited on. He got back just as my dish arrived and we ate. Dinner was good.

We hit the grocery store on the way back and got things for tomorrow night’s dinner. I might have a visitor but I’m not sure of her schedule. The fixings will wait a day or two if I have company tomorrow night.

We settled in to watch Becoming Jane. F spent the first 20 minutes of it transferring the contents of his old wallet to the new one he bought today at the department store. Argh. During the movie he also decided to cut his toenails. Then at the end, when it explains what happens to the characters after the movie’s scope, he said to me…”Was it a true story?” ARGH. Yes, and no…I thought he knew that when I told him at the beginning it was based on Jane Austen’s life. (He likes the movies of Austen’s works, he just has no concept of when they were written.)

I watched the extras on the disc and enjoyed them. He went to bed but I don’t think he’s sleeping all that well. Feel a bit sorry for him really.

And that was my day. It was mostly good as we ran some needed errands, but also a bit annoying as F decided to be an idiot too many times.

Tomorrow I’m a lady of leisure hopefully and I’ll be finishing up a few projects of my own. Talk to you tomorrow night about what happens. Night!

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