August 16, 2010

Monday - Rainy and cloudy most of the day.

An okay day. I went to bed a bit late last night, and before I did, F got up for a bit. I went to bed and then so did he. I slept reasonably well after a while.

This morning when I first woke up it was so humid that I couldn’t bear it so I turned on the AC and went back to sleep. I woke up late. It didn’t really matter since I didn’t have plans for today. I took a shower and then got on with my day.

I watched some of my taped shows from the weekend and also did a few extra things that I needed to do. I also read some of my book. It’s getting very good.

When F came home he said he was hungry so he got his rice set up and then after a bit I got cooking. I cut up some zucchini and fried it in a mixture of oil and olive oil. When it was done I splashed a little red wine vinegar on it. I started the chicken and had it done rather quickly too.

We had a nice dinner. F raved about the zucchini and I have to admit that it was really nice! The salad went well with the zucchini and the chicken. I was just finishing my meal when my phone rang. A woman I know from AFWJ is in the area and we wanted to make arrangements to meet up. We’ll try to get together on Wednesday for lunch. Yay.

In the evening I finally finished all of the things I needed to fill in for my passport application. I have to get my guarantor to help me fill out a few things, but apart from that, I just need to get the money orders and then I should be ready to send it. I’ll have to wait until after our trip though.

I also got the little gift we bought yesterday ready to pop in the mail. I had to ask F to sign the card, so I couldn’t do it earlier today.

I didn’t watch much TV this evening, but I did tune in for That 70’s Show and rather enjoyed it.

Anyway, I’m done. Have a good night!

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