August 2, 2010

Monday - Hot and far too humid for me.

I got up the first time when F was leaving for work. I said goodbye, then went back to bed. I got up next around 9. I checked my email and for news then went back to bed. It was a bit later when I finally got up and stayed up.

I had a very quiet day at home for the most part. I finally sewed the seam in a pair of pants that I’ve put off for months and that was almost my biggest accomplishment of the day!

I watched a few things that I had taped this weekend, including CSI and Cold Case. Later on, I watched a movie I’d taped, Confessions of a Shopaholic. I had read the book and thought it was very chick lit-lite. I had heard the movie was okay, mostly through Roger Ebert. I have to say, I enjoyed the movie much more than the book. Isla Fisher, who plays Becky was very good and extremely watchable. Hugh Dancy wasn’t bad either!

F came home and wanted to have dinner fairly soon. We went to a Chinese restaurant at his request. It was okay. I never know what to order at places like that. Tonight I had steamed chicken and stir-fried vegetables.

We came home via the grocery store and then F wanted to do some work. He sat himself down and did a bit for a while and then around 9:30 he announced that he needed a copy of my tax stuff from last year. Argh. My tax stuff was in my school, so yes, he did make me go all the way over there to pick it up. On the bright side, I did take my clothes for tomorrow over and the bottles of tea that I had bought for my students. Yay for that.

On the way home I got F to stop off at McDonalds for some ice cream, which we brought home and ate. Then he finished up his paperwork and proceeded to watch dumb Japanese TV. Oh well. He did go to bed ages ago and I think I’m going to go soon too. This constant high humidity is not for me. I’m always hot and sweaty unless I’m under the air conditioner.

Talk to you later, night.

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