August 23, 2010

Monday - Hot, probably sunny, but I didn’t go out.

An okay day I suppose. I got up but then went back to bed after checking email and stuff. Just couldn’t be bothered staying up.

I had a bagel for breakfast and then got working on dinner. I hard cooked 2 eggs and left them to cool for a bit. Later on I washed all the lettuce and made a salad out of them, the eggs and some mushrooms. I realised halfway through that I should have had some bacon in there too. That would have improved it.

During the day I watched a Clint Eastwood movie that I’d taped last night. It was Bloodwork, which I enjoyed. It was one of his movies that I didn’t manage to see in the theatre and I have been trying to see for ages. It was good, however I guess who the bad guy was using one of Ebert’s Laws of Movies. The Law of Economy of Characters to be specific.

Later on I watched Cold Case and then CSI. It was their 200th show and it was a bit odd. Still, better than a lot of stuff.

F came home and was in an odd mood. I asked him to clear off the coffee table. He has a nasty habit of just dumping stuff on it and of course I have no idea if it is important or not. He had notes from work, bill receipts, travel brochures and other things all in the mix. Did we need it? I don’t know.

I made dinner and finally he deigned to come over and eat. We had cubic steak and salad, plus some kabocha croquettes. I liked it, but was still hungry after dinner. I had a peach afterwards. Yummy.

He put the TV back on and proceeded to watch 3 hours of crappy Japanese TV in a row and since one of the shows was about toilets, I do mean that literally. Bleck. On the other hand, I dug in at my computer and watched about 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, so I at least enjoyed myself.

And that’s about it for my day. It was kind of boring. Still, it’s almost over and I’m back to work on the morrow. Wish me luck. Night!

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siti the twins said...

ms.Helen, how was your life? i hope it is always okey. plus,i didn't know that you also watch CSI.